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The CleanPower for SEGA Dreamcast by RetroSix is the perfect choice for a USB-C upgrade to your Dreamcast. This ultra-compact power board is designed to be a drop-in, no-solder replacement, offering short circuit protection on every voltage rail and over-voltage and temperature protection. Enjoy reliable compatibility with GDEmu and other ODE devices, and power your Dreamcast from any USB-C power brick delivering up to 30W of power.


  • We have seen a few reports of heavily modded systems pulling over the rated 3A and it may require heat sinks on the board if issues occur. This will be resolved in revision of PCB on future version.
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Customer Reviews

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Sydney Dryier
Doesn't work

My unit literally didn't work. It would light up the leds and the fan would spin weakly but I wouldn't get video.
Only reason I gave 2 stars is because the module looked nice and I was able to get a refund from HHL.
For anyone interested, here's a retro RGB article basically debunking these replacement PSUs

Pricey, but worth it

Let's face it, the PSU will fail someday. It also produces a lot of heat and draws inefficiently. It's crazy how far we've come in technology when seeing these PSUs side by side. It's a really easy install, and using USB-C power is like science fiction. No more figure of eight cable!

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