WonderSwan Color IPS LCD

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Chris King
Wonderswan Color essential

Clear display.
Easy install.
Capacitive touch options.
No case cutting necessary.

I chose to disable the pallete swap capacitive touch feature, but it was as easy as de-soldering the wire for the touch pad.

A must for anyone who wants to play their Wonderswan Color.

Candice Yaacobi
Great kit

This was a great piece of kit and super easy to install.

Le top!

Enfin, je l’attendais avec impatience! Un écran pour la Wonderswan!
Efficace et parfait pour jouer dans de bonnes conditions!!! Merci HHL ✌️🕹

Move over Swan Crystal!

This is what I've been wanting for a long time. While I've never been interested in buying a Swan Crystal myself the lackluster quality of the monochrome and color consoles is what caused people to only want the swan crystal in the first place. This kit however blows it out of the water! The screen is crisp and the backlight is nice. I ended up putting the controls for the brightness and the color pallets to make monochrome games look nicer(or to have a color game in monochrome lol) on the outside because when they were inside I was hitting the color swapping one all the time. Yes this kit requires soldering but it's so simple: heck the wires are actually pre-stripped just right! With pretty much every other kit I've had to strip the included wires down a bit before soldering to the board. I'm looking forward to those glass screen lenses,while the OEM one it has as shown isn't bad I've been wanting to replace them on both this unit and my monochrome skeleton pink unit too. Speaking of which: the monochrome needs love too,I'd love a kit like this for the monochrome! I put the controls externally as shown because I kept hitting the color pallete change one by mistake.

Joseph Wilhelm
Requires Soldering

Not terribly difficult but I didn't see it mentioned in the description.

Ronald Osbeck
easy install and looks amazing.

An extremely easy install with only the smallest amount of soldering and no shell cutting. Looks amazing and the touch sensors for brightness and pallette change are amazing and very responsive. As usual Handheld Legend offers quality products at an affordable price! 10 out of 10. Macho Nacho Productions has a great install video on youtube. Good luck and happy gaming!