WonderSwan Color IPS LCD Kit

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Play your Bandai WonderSwan Color in vibrant colors and contrast with this WonderSwan Color IPS LCD kit.


  • Modern IPS display
  • Original aspect ratio and window size
  • No shell modification needed
  • Touch brightness and color sensors
  • Compatible with the WonderSwan Color
  • Requires soldering


  • 1x IPS LCD
  • 1x Double sided tape
  • 1x Display cable
  • 2x Installation wires
  • 2x Insulating film
  • 1x PCB with two touch sensors




  • Test before installation! When you receive a backlight/LCD kit, you should perform a dry run before installing to assure that nothing has been damaged in transit. A dry run or test fit means the kit is not installed in the shell. This includes the use of adhesives, brackets, and any performed soldering. All ribbon cables should have no bends or creases in them. If you are unsure how to perform a dry run, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help. Backlight kits that have been installed are not eligible for replacement or return.
  • LCD may break if put under too much pressure or dropped. Please exercise extreme caution when installing.
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Customer Reviews

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Edgar D
One of the best screen mods I've ever installed!

The difference is night and day between the original, crappy screen and the updated, IPS backlit version. Picked up my Wonderswan Color from a recent Japan trip and knew immediately I would have to upgrade the screen.
The installation itself was a piece of cake. As suggested by another reviewer, simply follow Macho Nacho's installation guide. Except for one bit: ignore his advice on how to fold the ribbon cable and fold it all on the back of the PCB. This'll give it a nicer, tighter fit. You can use Kapton tape freely to adhere things and prevent any shifting.
The solder points are very comprehensive and easy to solder to/remove solder from. Certainly one of the easier kits to install. I would rate this a beginner-level mod, as only basic soldering knowledge is required to make it work.
You might wanna trim the included cables to about half-length, as the ones included with this kit are significantly longer than the ones in the tutorial video. Make sure you have a way to strip the ends after timming.
The only gripe I had, initially, were the capacitive touch sensors for the color palette and brightness settings. Had to search a bit through the internet till I found some advice on Reddit about simply trimming those to reduce random activation/sensitivity. I trimmed them all the way down to the smallest possible square size, which still fits the solder point in it. I found this to be the perfect size. Now the touch sensors don't randomly activate and have a more appropriately-sized touch zone. Make sure you don't adhere them too close to the ribbon cable, as capacitive sensors can pick up EMF frequencies from the cable, causing random activation.
Now if only I can make the sound a bit better...

Ivory Tower Collections
Wonderswan IPS LCD upgrade - my thoughts

First, the screen is very reasonably priced and does come with pretty much everything you would need. My only issues are really with some of the installation itself. I ran the wiring for powering the screen a little differently as the wire they provide is thin enough to fit through many of the vias on the board. So instead of the usual things shown in install videos, I routed the wiring a little more logically and making sure it wouldn't be in the way of the controls themselves or cause any pinching on the wire. The LCD placement can also be a little tough if you don't have it aligned right on the first get go but that isn't that uncommon in kits like this.

I do like the touch sensitive tape pads but they are a bit too sensitive. I've found that even with my finger within 1cm of the case where they are placed at the top, has been enough to activate them. So I'm not sure if perhaps additional padding between the tape sensors would help but something to look into.

Naturally the battery life of the console is very much negatively impacted by this upgrade, but given it only uses a single 1.5v battery to operate everything, that isn't surprising. But it should be noted with some testing regarding average amounts of operation with a new battery and the new screen vs original reflective LCD they came with.

Overall, I really like the picture output quality and the installation is pretty easy and straightforward.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Michael McDonald
Well packed and worked flawlessly

Screen was packed well and arrived with all the necessary components. Easy test and install, with only the 4 solder points required.

Big shout out to Machi Naco and their youtube install video. Made the install cake.

Jorge C
Wonder Swan LCD

Amazing and looks wayyyy better than before!


Works great

Chris King
Wonderswan Color essential

Clear display.
Easy install.
Capacitive touch options.
No case cutting necessary.

I chose to disable the pallete swap capacitive touch feature, but it was as easy as de-soldering the wire for the touch pad.

A must for anyone who wants to play their Wonderswan Color.

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