Game Boy Color IPS LCD V3 - Unbranded

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No issues

I personally didn’t experience any problems, and the display looks great in its shell! I have not used the FunnyPlaying display, but I was happy with this unbranded option.

Arrived damaged and customer support sucks

It's been a week of me emailing about a damaged screen I received, it had a broken ribbon and got one response to about 7 emails asking if the part circled in the photo I sent was the problem and no other response, I'm giving them till 3/6/21 before I escalate this to paypal and taking my business else where.......👋

Vastly inferior to other mods

I've spent the last three days trying to get this mod to play nice, and I have yet to succeed. The case modifications on this mod are so extreme that it ruins any possibility of using it on a clear case, which was my first mistake. Because the daughterboard makes contact with the GPU, the entire thing has to be kapton taped in order to stop it from shorting, and even then the touch function tends to activate randomly. The instructions on wiring are non-existent, so if you're like me and you want very specific step-by-step guides, you're out of luck. Overall, this mod just feels clunky and unpleasant compared to some of the others I've tried, and I honestly can't recommend it. You're much better off going with a drop-in model.

Fantastic Upgrade!

With a little patience, your GBC will look great!


I've tried two different IPS screens and this one is definitely my favourite. I forget the name of the other one, but it has a slightly larger screen size that makes trimming the shell more difficult. This one also requires you to trim the shell, but with some flush cutters and a pen knife it's pretty easy. Also there's a wider selection of screen lenses that fit this display. With a bit of painters tape stuck as a tab on the back it's not difficult to align either. ✌️

Excellent display

Excellent screen, playing with a screen with light is another experience; I don't think I can go back to an option without an LCD screen.

The colors seem exact to me, no flaws.

On the other hand, it took me a little time to install, but I attribute it to my lack of experience.