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Board shorted out on everything, ended up black taping the whole thing to get it to stop, the color and brightness select points didn’t work. Spend the extra 5 bucks for funnyplaying

Danny Dang
Great for Non-Translucent Shells

My goal was to simply have a stock looking GBC with a backlit screen and this screen definitely gets the job done. Apart from the translucent Purple, the original range of GBC's will go well with this screen. As the physical screen is longer than the stock screen, it will extend further down and will be visible on a transparent or translucent shell.

Some issues I ran into but overcame;
The alignment bracket comes in two parts, one that aligns the main body + top of the screen and another bracket for the bottom. The bottom one straddles the A + B button wells so it fits perfectly, however the top bracket, despite fitting well, may have caused too much bulk resulting in a very cramped and tight fit. Which leads me into the next issue.

The screen worked without issue outside of the shell, but once put back together, only displayed a black screen and wouldn't post, i.e I could hear the startup sound but it would not go into a game menu.

The fix appeared to be to remove the top alignment bracket. After putting it back together without the top bracket it worked without issues.

You will need to do some shell modification to get this to fit along with some cutting of the DPad according to the instructions. Although I made the advised cuts to the shell, I chose not to cut into the DPad simply due wanting to take that step last, however, the controls still work without major issues and I've continued to use the GBC without a trimmed Dpad.

As there are newer and smaller screens available that come with a lot of conveniences, this screen is in a precarious situation where you could definitely make it work, but would you really want to go through the trouble? I think it may be a good idea to reduce the cost of this screen by $10 or so to make the value proposition more enticing. At present, its too similarly priced to other screens that don't require extensive shell modding.

All in all, it's a solid option.

Worked after some head scratching..

Horrible instructions, spare wires that do go somewhere but it aren't shown in the guide so i left them out. The small connecter from controller board to screen is not the best and will "seem tobe secure" but wont be making contact, so just squeeze that on snugly. Touch pads are flimsy but if you are delicate and dont rush you can get the in place easy. Once i troubleshooted the blank screen i kept getting (from the small cable) igot it running properly and i will say the effort paid off just make sure to get the screen aligned. Overall its a solid kit and it works very well but the installation and lack of instructions will be a challenge for inexperienced modders so be warned

David Peterson
Works, but only kinda

I installed this screen and I was extremely careful - I'm not new to doing these mods. It worked. The touch sensors worked. Everything seemed to fit in the shell I trimmed (barely but it did fit). A couple days later I go to switch it on and I can hear it power up and the game start but the screen is completely black.

I figure maybe I screwed the shell too tight. After all, it was a tight squeeze to get it all back in with the screen and circuit board included. I loosen the screws a bit. There's a gap now but whatever - it works.

It's the next day now and I'm having the same issues. Maybe there's a short. I don't know. I did everything according to instructions. I even carefully added a layer of electrical tape for extra protection.

I've seen other people complain about this specific screen so I don't think it's something I did. I'll gladly change my review if it turns out I screwed up somehow.

Andrew Cornelio
I got the wrong one

Ordered the IPS LCD Q5 but got this instead lol. For some reason, the case doesn't properly close when it was installed which I guess is probably my own user error but then a couple of days later started having some pixel problems where some were coming in and out. Would have preferred to receive the correct screen in the first place but I definitely wouldn't recommend this one anyway.

Grace Pope
Knowledge guide lacking

The hardest part of installing this mod was definitely cutting the shell to fit the screen. I'm not too impressed with the knowledge base guide in the description, it is very minimal. The guide linked doesn't even include where to put the alignment bracket or where to put the wires, and I didn't even realize the wiring to the buttons was a feature when I installed the screen (I just wondered why they included extra wires in the kit lol). Overall, the screen looks great and the 2 touch wires that came installed out of the box work well for color and brightness control. You can see the bottom of the screen through a clear shell, but that doesn't really bother me. Definitely recommend for anybody looking for a relatively easy mod!