Nintendo DS Lite Buttons

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Look Nice But Don't Function Well

They look nice but not working well in my case. Went with clear green and they look and feel okay but L & R triggers stick badly, D-pad is difficult to press diagonals. Had to go back to OEM triggers as these stuck too badly, these would stick completely depressed and difficult to push back up unless screw tension was reduced on shell. Not recommended for DS lite as the D-pad function is not up to par either on my set. Looks like the middle pole in the d-pad may be longer than OEM which gives a totally different feel and makes diagonals difficult to press.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Zodiac Black
Works Great

After about 12 years of owning my first DS Lite, I could see the amount of wear I made on the pads. The A button was completely obliterated, literally shredded by the years of brutal gameplay. The pad itself had so many rips, it looked like a dog chewed through it. Good thing I got these replacements, they work just as new for me now. I purchased the gold buttons with clear pads for my black DS Lite. Everything went well, and the installation was easy. A couple things I note though, the part for the light indicator was defective. The slots for the clear plastic insert had too much paint and it sort of covered the holes up, and the hinge insert was also a bit crooked, along with the screw holes to also be too small to fit. I did somewhat fix the errors with simply an exacto knife, but in the end I decided that it didn’t seem to be consistent in the overall look, so I just put my old headlight back on. Another little bit were the buttons, they look smaller than OEM parts, but I’m guessing that’s for maximum compatibility. Aside from that, I’d say awesome parts, they really look nice on my OG.

Jayro Jones
Worked great for me.

Not once had a bad product from you. These buttons worked fantastic in my Gameboy Macro that I built. L and R fit too tight for this project, but that's not a big deal.

Eric Kinney

This button kit is complete trash. The hinge piece doesn't fit the standard screws. start/select are difficult to push down because they don't fit the space properly. ABXY are too small and don't firmly; button response is terrible. D-pad is unusable. it slides all the way out the front of the case and wobbles from side to side, without resting on the membrane. Every single piece is poorly measured/manufactured to the point of zero usability. I give zero stars.

Jordan Hample
Work well

Super fast shipping as always from this site. I bought 3 sets, only used one so far. But they fit pretty well. The L/R buttons were a tight fit that I had to hit with a little sandpaper to fit better. But over all good buttons. Better than some others I have used.


d pad is too small and and abxy letters are misaligned and have a completely different finish than oem