Game Boy Advance SP Speaker

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Robert Marrero
Amazing Product and friendly customer service!

I love the new.buttons and membranes I purchased for my SP! They feel great, look great and are just what I needed.

Logan Martin
Great replacement!

Not much to say, works perfectly and is a perfect replacement.

W. B.
Good Replacement - Just Wish It Solved My Audio Issues

The speaker is well-made, and I believe it would have solved the problem with my GBA SP's very low volume if it had been a simple broken speaker issue. After scrubbing & cleaning the OEM speaker pins, the 2 speaker contacts on the motherboard, and doing the same to the volume slider pins and contacts, the volume was still very low from my speaker, with the game audio only faintly heard when pressed up against my ear (with a faint buzz of interference as well). I ordered this speaker and installed it into the system, but the same problem persisted. Finally, I reflowed the solder on all the pins attaching the volume control to the motherboard and cleaned up the area one final time. Again, I tested both speakers, and both emit low sound with a faint buzz of interference no matter what level the volume control is adjusted to during play. I am at a loss to resolve the problem (which is a shame, because the system is otherwise in wonderful working condition); perhaps a motherboard capacitor needs to be replaced, but I have not been able to find any insight / instruction as to which one(s) might need replacing for audio issues. In any case, I don't take issue with this speaker, as it appears to be a well-made replacement for the OEM speaker.

Perfect speaker

Sounds exactly like the original.

Jorge Sánchez
A little bit quiet

It is not as powerful as the originals, it may be my wiring but the previous one I had was louder