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Game Boy Battery LED

$1.49 USD

Replacement battery LED for your Nintendo Game Boy DMG,Game Boy Color or Game Boy Pocket. Included resistor for better compatibility. LED plastic is slightly opaque in nature. This will help diffuse the light for fully illuminated LED.

  • 3K ohm resistor included to reduce brightness (For DMG)
  • Simple replace the old LED with a new one for the Pocket
  • Use a 3K or even 4K ohm resistor to reduce even more if you desire (DMG)
  • Use these LEDs for cases as well
  • Compatible with the GBC, MGB, GBA or any other Game Boy
  • Rainbow LED (
  • Solder Wick

Installation Instructions DMG

    Open your Game Boy by removing the 6 tri-wing screws on the back panel. Also remove the Phillips head screws connecting the front PCB to the front shell. Separate the two units and locate the LED. Use a solder wick to remove the solder around the led leads. Remove the LED. 

    You will need to replace the "R1" resistor located near the top of the PCB. Use your soldering wick again to remove the excess solder on the front of the PCB. Replace this resistor with a 2K-3K ohm resistor to reduce the brightness of the LED. Otherwise it would be much too bright. Solder the LED and the resistor in place and you are off to the races. Close her up and enjoy.

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