Game Boy LED 3mm Diffused | For Battery & Dowel

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Bryan B.
Blue LED - Definitely worth the effort

It goes super dim earlier than the original red LED, but it looks so much better! Installed in a gameboy color, can't say much about other models though!

Corey Smith
GBC - Pink, easy swap

GBC, Pink (specific review to color), FP IPS, Alkaline AA and OG Pelican power supply:
On power supply, the LED is borderline too bright to play at night, i adjust my hand to cover the LED while playing. Totally fine daytime.
On AA, LED is a comfortable brightness with fresh batteries. However im still playing and the LED appears nearly off at night, resulting in unnecessary battery anxiety and frequent need to save. Ive played over an hour with nerve racking low battery LED intensity.
Really looking forward to Li battery mod + voltage regulator and capacitor refresh, and hope that helps since the batt voltage curve is different and should stay bright until nearly dead. The Li constant current AA should also be nice w this LED. Sometimes considering trying to tune with a resistor but I dont think thats the answer for pink since i experience too bright and too dim, not just one or the other.

Andy Clark
Led broke while soldering it in.

Maybe I received a defective led? It broke with ease .

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Tyler Souders
3mm blue diffused works as intended

The only complaint I have is that it is soooo bright when you play games in the dark. Other than that it looks and works great!

Diego Gallegos
Good color, but not what's pictured (blue)

I got the blue light - it works fine, and is a good level of brightness. The color is a nice blue. That being said, it is a colored light in a clear plastic housing, the housing itself is not colored like the one in the display photo! That being said, still a good light, just not exactly what I thought I was getting.

Mathias Kiermeier
Neat addition

Adds a nice touch when color matched with a colored backlight mod