SEGA Game Gear CleanScreen Wire-Free Flex Cable

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Handy option that can save time

I haven't tried wiring up a Clean Screen by hand but I will say the wire free flex cable made it a low stress activity.
The cable alignment isn't 100% perfect but it needed very little adjustment on the build I did. At least on my board not all components were exactly centered/aligned. Which could account for some of that.
Would recommend using some kapton tape or similar to tack down the flex cable in position. Made it a lot easier to keep it aligned during soldering.
Some of the solder pads were challenging to bridge to the board but a little patience and more solder typically did the trick.
Overall I am pleased with the harness and would get it again.

Jesse Tamburri
The clean screen is awesome.

I love the clean screen, so far I have installed two. They look gorgeous and aren't too bad to install.

abdel rabahi
Greate product

I will buy more soon

Michael Brinkerhoff
Super easy instal!

These cables work great for the 2 chip or 1 chip VA1. Would be nice to have a cable for the VA4 model some day.

Troy McCarthy
Do yourself a favor and hand wire the Cleanscreen to the GG

I'm sure plenty of people have good luck with this flex cable but it was an absolute nightmare for me. The initial install went flawless for me, all of the solder points were lined up perfectly and it was a breeze to solder. However, after powering up the GG there were a mess of video errors on the screen. Continuity throughout the flex cable was hit or miss, and got worse the more I tried to troubleshoot it. The Retro-six Discord recommended hand wiring the cleanscreen so that's exactly what I did and it's now working perfectly. So, save yourself from a headache and just buy the $3.50 spool of kynar wire from HHL and hand wire the cleanscreen from the start.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Dave Ruple
Much easier than the Mcwill

There are few components to remove and everything lines up great. Pre-tinning with a bit of flux in a syringe will make everything go very smoothly.