SEGA Game Gear Prestige Shell

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Steve harris
Great cases, but be mindful of some things

I've installed a McWill (Purple - single ASIC board) and a BennVenn (Blue - dual ASIC board) into these. For the McWill, you need to watch the size of the 3d printed bracket that you use or else the glass screen will be pushed out. I think I ended up using a 1.5 mm bracket and it was fine. This was a 2020 McWill version 2 so perhaps the newer versions have better fitting brackets. For my Bennvenn Rev 3, I had to use an exacto knife on the top right post or else it wouldn't fit correctly. Always order new buttons and membranes with these if you plan to do the clean amp mod (I recommend doing so). The clean amp volume wheel might make contact with the sides, so that is normal. You might want to file a little of the sides of the volume area to mitigate this. Otherwise, these are great cases and you will love them as I do! Use the screws provided, and you might want to drive them in before assembly to ensure proper fit. I have a Blue and a Purple one in my builds, so I'm a repeat customer. I plan to buy these in the future for more of my restorations, I just wanted to share my experiences.

Jacob Cook
Very nice shell

Very nice look and feel. Be careful not to over tighten, or you could strip out (I didn’t). It does not come with the speaker retention ring, that is part of the button kit. You can make it work with the original ring, but it is hackish. The vinyl is my addition

a banana
very nice!

shell is of good quality fits together with no gaps along the edges. screws are tight because it's not pre threaded just carefully put in and back out till there in all the way. will buy more when there's a game gear in need of restoration.


This is the best shell.
Even if it was a scratched shell, with this it's as good as new.

Jonathan McMahon
Great and Almost Complete

My Gamegear shell, buttons and screen arrived safely and look great. But they will remain in a box until the Retro Six Clean Screen is available again. Hopefully not too much longer

Eric Farmer
New shell

Feels just as high quality as the original.