Game Boy Pocket Prestige Shell | Housing

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Behold the holy grail of Game Boy Pocket shells. Add this brand new shell for a fresh hand-held gaming experience. From our friends at Retrosix. 

  • IPS ready - Just break off tabs to fit IPS LCDs
  • CleanJuice Air Pocket Ready (No shell modification required)
  • Regular AAA batteries can also be used
  • Casted ABS for a high quality plastic
  • Compatible with IPS and OEM LCD's. Some modifications may be required.


  • Game Boy Pocket front and back shell
  • Matching Battery cover
  • Self-threading screws
  • New standard silver GBP shell sticker


  • GBP Silicone membranes not included
  • GBP buttons not included
  • Matte Black shell will have white text
  • "Matte" means the shell will have a soft texture.
  • Clear variants will be more frosted than crystal clear.
  • These shells do not have a logo.
Game Boy Pocket Replacement Shell/Housing
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Very sleek, great colors, be careful!

Super easy to over thread and strip screws, also watch other mod videos and get an idea of where to sand down rough edges that can damage and press on screen.

Great shell minimum effort to install

This shell is great minimum trim needed for a ips screen. Paired with the dmg style buttons and the ips is better than a gameboy light. Now my favorite modded gb.

Richard Neuendorf III
Great for the price

These are quite good quality shells. Especially for the price. They look and feel great. My only 2 improvements would be to have the posts **** ready instead of needing tap the posts. I ended up needing to use the oem screws after tapping as the provided ones would not tightened down with the exception of the two in the battery compartment. The other would be to adjust the inside for screen alignment. I didn’t see a way to adjust the screen alignment to avoid having the screen be a tad to far up and to the left, the space just didn’t seem to be there.

Joshua Somers
Just misses the mark.

The shell is great for the price. Everything fits pretty well, but with a new glass lens the opening edges of the left and top well show a bit. It's just enough to look off a bit. It could be the lens, but the actual display is really close to the excess plastic and would be better if it wasnt there. Could resolved it with a little trimming before putting the lens in.


Received my shell with a very noticeable scratch on the front between the buttons and d pad. Its also more of a clear white rather than fully transparent. These do not come pre-threaded, so its very possible to strip some screws

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Good, but not great

With the instructions of the guide, putting the screen as far left as possible and top as possible, the screen is off center. You'll need to not only cut the tabs as illustrated in the picture, but you'll also need to sand down the curved walls near the **** posts. I broke the lens taking it out after having taped it down, that's on me, but the instructions should include directions for the premade shells instead of only focusing on the modification of OEM shells.

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