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The Game Boy Advance SP CleanAmp Pro from RetroSix is an ultra-efficient and clean audio class D amplifier for your GBA SP.

The CleanAmp replaces the original audio amplifier and speaker of the Game Boy Advance SP with a modern smooth and crazy loud class D amplifier. Experience the sounds of the old school games like you will of never heard them before, in clear, responsive detail.

This kit will work with your original speaker, however if you would like a better speaker quality you can purchase a new speaker separately


  • Made for the Game Boy Advance SP
  • No wires needed
  • Fits in place
  • Flat ribbon cable design


  • 1x Game Boy Advance SP CleanAmp Pro


  • We highly recommend adding the Dehum kit to the console to remove the hum and hiss noise inherent with amplifiers.
  • DOES NOT Include speaker - please purchase separately
  • Created by RetroSix.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Easy install

Love how quick it is to install. This works great on AGS-001 and AGS-101. No humming sound on the AGS-001 compared to the previous CleanAmp.

Straight foward mod

Easy install good quality.
Excellent seller communication.


I was expecting this to be loud but you never really know until you install it, just how loud it really is. It can be easily heard from another room and it really is obnoxiously loud. I cannot play full volume it’s just too much to have the game screaming at me lol. The install is very easy it’s just five solder points it takes like a minute. One more thing is you will need a dehum kit to get rid of background noise amplified by this mod. Overall, if you want a truly excessively loud gba sp and want your ears to go deaf by all means get this mod.

Almost too loud!

I was blown away by the audio difference with this amp. My SP is now obnoxiously loud at full volume. Great mod!

That's too loud daddy!

"That's too loud daddy!" was the first thing my daughter said when I turned my GBA SP on at full volume after installing the CleanAmp Pro. I've installed three of these now and the only downside is connecting the ground pin to that tiny resistor. On one of my installs, I accidentally removed the R17 (3k Ohm) resistor in the process of trying to pre-tin the ground pin. The other two installs I did were fine, I just botched that one. I found replacement resistors so hopefully I can fix it. If you're concerned about messing up the resistor like I did, just use an enameled wire and run the GND connection on the flex PCB over to pin 5 on the power plug. Pin 5 on the power connector is the audio ground. Use flux, don't put too much solder on and you'll be fine. The sound quality is amazing. Slight hiss when no sound is actually playing, but I have to hold it close to my ear to really hear it. When the volume is off, the unit is 100% silent.

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