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GBAccelerator Installation: Game Boy SP

The GBAccelerator is the latest in speed mods for your Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP. With some simple soldering you are able to toggle between four different speeds and blast through your childhood Pokémon Yellow or slow down your boss battles.

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  • Disassemble your Game Boy Advance SP
  • Desolder and remove crystal X1
  • Place the GBAccelerator on the PCB between the ARM processor and the cartridge connector as shown in diagram (click diagram to enlarge)
  • Make connections as shown in diagram
  • Reassemble your GBA-SP

GBAccelerator Installation Diagram - SP


GBAccelerator Connections
GND Cartridge Connector Pin 32
V+ Cartridge Connector Pin 1
CLK CK1 (solder pad where xtal used to be)

Installation Tips

  • Do not take the GBA-SP screen apart; it is only necessary to disassemble the base
  • You may need to use some electrical tape between the GBAccelerator and the cartridge connector to prevent accidental contact
  • Use low-wattage, fine-tipped soldering iron
  • Use flux or rosin-core solder
  • Don’t hold the iron on the GBAccelerator or the GBA board too long as you may lift the solder pad
  • Solid 30-gauge wire is recommended
  • Follow wire routing indicated in diagram so wires don’t cross white areas, screw holes, or tall components
  • Cut off excess wire length
  • The three button connections on the GBAccelerator are interchangeable; it does not matter which one goes to which button
  • If alternate button assignments are desired, see button signal list for available connection points
  • You may need to trim some of the plastic standoffs from the back cover of the GBA-SP if the cover does not seat properly upon reassembly


Button Signal List
TP0- A
TP1- B
TP2- Select
TP3- Start
TP4- Right
TP5- Left
TP6- Up
TP7- Down
TP8- R
TP9- L


GBAccelerator Operating Instructions

When you first power on your Game Boy, it will be running at normal speed. At any time during gameplay you may change the clock speed by simultaneously pressing L, R and Select (or whichever combination of 3 buttons you connected the GBAccelerator to). The power LED will indicate which speed is currently selected. The following table shows the available speeds and their corresponding LED codes:

Normal 1x Solid
Fast 1.5x 1 Blink
Ultra 1.75x 2 Blinks
Slow-Motion 0.85x Fade


GBaccelerator FAQ

Yes! As long as both GBA's are running in the same speed mode, you can link together without problem.
Using Fast speed, the GBA will run at about 1.5x normal GBA speed. Using Ultra speed mode, the GBA will run at about 1.75x normal GBA speed. And using Slow-Motion mode, the GBA will run at about 0.85x normal GBA speed.
No. Overclocking the GBA isn't like overclocking a computer. You will notice no increase in heat dissipation. The CPU in the GBA is actually designed to run much faster than the GBA runs it at anyway.
We've run a GBAccelerated GBA for the whole life of a set of batteries and can confirm that any decrease in life is very small and should not be a concern.
No. We've done extensive testing with GBAccelerator at all of its different speeds and have left it running for hours on end with no signs of damage.
The GBAccelerator works with the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy SP.

Thank you Division 6 for making this possible!

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