GBAccerlerator - Game Boy Advance Accelerator

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Logan Humphryis
GBACCELERATOR is a fantastic product

Awesome little mod you can install yourself, a must have for anyone modding their GBA. Works fantastic, fast post to australia, couldnt be happier. Cheers

Its a Most Have

You’ll need some tools and bit of patience but it works miracles worth every penny Fast Shipping too

Logan Fricke
Love it

It's a solid board and it works great! It's really cool to overclock your Gameboy to get through turn based games much faster. On the SP, I had to trim down the Plastic that holds the nut for the battery cover. After installing, I would recommend buying a solder heat gun. The pads of the crystal you have to remove are underneath the chip and almost impossible to remove with a soldering iron and solder wick. With the heat gun it took less than 30 seconds to remove.

Jeffery Salisbury
Division 6 Product with a $10 Markup

Works well, but definitely get this on another site. I love Handheld Legend, but I didn't expect to be burnt like this from them... The Bag even says 'Division 6' on it that it comes in.

Jeff, yes we are proud to carry Division 6 products and support then by purchasing their items to make available to our customers. The markup keeps our staff paid and our lights on so we can keep retro alive. Please keep reviews relevant to the product. Thanks.

Thomas Prast
Won’t be back for a while!

Gonna do this once I get back to the states, but huge fan of you guys, so I’m 100% positive it’ll be perfect! Thanks, happy new year, etc all that!