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Light up your Game Boy Color with a Flexible RGB LED Cable. Pair with clear buttons to make your GBC shine!

Not recommended for Boxypixel shells. It has recently come to our attention that the tolerances may be too different compared to OEM shells for these kits to have the clearance required.


  • Breakout pads for maximum compatibility with existing IPS kits.
  • Individual button color customization
  • 18-25mA power draw with default settings, maximum measured draw 50mA at full brightness with white color
  • Hue, Brightness, and saturation adjustment
  • Power LED color control
  • Solder-in-place install. 15-30 minute install, beginner to moderate difficulty
  • Use the Select + D-Pad buttons to customize your LED colors
  • Obligatory ‘Gamer’ RGB fade mode with adjustable speed/saturation
  • Fairy light mode with adjustable speed/hue/saturation
  • 32 different hues to pick from, 32 levels of saturation
  • Choose between black or white solder mask to match your build


  • 1x GBC LED flex board


Find installation instructions here. See pictures for solder points on the Game Boy Color

Find the full user guide here to customize your LEDs

Video User Guide


Designed in house by our friend Mitch!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Matthew Boyd
    Does what it's supposed to

    Very simple install that looks super clean and works how you would think. Highly recommend.

    Fabian Frehner
    Perfect LED Mod

    Works perfectly the only issue is if the LEDs are on you have a permanent noise that come out of the speaker. maybe better with an amp.

    Didn’t work for me

    for a few reasons. I installed this kit clean on my perfectly working GBC. Now the D-Pad will barely work. I’ve done everything you can think of to try to remedy this, but something about the kit (thickness? placement of the LEDs?) just doesn’t sit right and won’t read. Also, the way to operate it and charge colors is way too convoluted.

    I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

    Pretty Nice - But some Issues

    First - this is really slick - nice craftsmanship here. The LEDs are dimmable and when they are turned all the way up they are very bright. They seem to pull about .1 amps at max. The breakouts for the screen OSD was a nice touch as well. There are two downsides to this. First, there is a constant high pitched squeal through the speakers/headphones. It's gets louder with the brightness. That's really the main issue. The other thing is not that big of a deal, but the LED that replaces the original power LED is so bright that it bleeds into the screen. So if you have a dark screen in your game it looks bad on the left side. That can easily be rectified by turning that LED down/off individually. Anyway, if there is some trick to getting rid of this (actually pretty irritating) sound I'm all ears.

    Kit looks great but has some issues

    I had issues with the FunnyPlaying Game Boy Color 2.0 Q5 IPS Laminated Backlight Kit and RetroGlow RGB flex cable from Handheld Legends.

    Long story short if you connect the start and select wires to change the x,y axis and rgb color on the logo of the IPS kit you will NOT be able to change the rgb of the buttons on the console. I had to dial in the settings/color of the IPS screen first and then desolder the start and select wires from the rgb flex cable so they would work properly and I could change the colors of the buttons. For some reason both items aren’t compatible and now I can’t change the settings of my IPS screen. Although the kit looks nice, because of the fact I no longer have control over my Q5 2.0 IPS screens options I can’t give this flex board 5 stars.

    Mr L
    Awesome. Better than expected

    First off I want the staff to read this. Please make a tutorial video on how to control the light settings please. It’s really confusing with the charts and even the written manual isn’t too clear either. If you can make that, you’ll have plenty of happy customers for sure.

    The RGB LEB board is probably the best one I bought. I bought a different led board Natalie and her stuff is good too but it broke.
    My favorite part of this product is super easy to install, can customize the light for each button and adjustable brightness. But the best part about this is the price. Solid and reasonable. You can’t beat that.

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