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Recommending voltage regulators is very tricky and the need will vary by the user, mod, and motherboard condition. Please do thorough research if it is necessary to install with your Game boy. Improper installation can result in severe damage to your motherboard and console. 

Stabilize your builds with the steady voltage they need to be at their best! Our beloved consoles were not designed to do some of the things we’re pushing them to do, which results in things like flickering backlights and dim displays to electrical brown-outs that crash the console.

These voltage regulators alleviate the strain of our modern modifications from the stock voltage regulators that were designed just for the console. By wiring a supplementary voltage regulator to the ‘unregulated voltage’ pins in a console, you can draw directly from the batteries and ’step-up’ that voltage to supply a modification with what it needs.


  • 1x Voltage Regulator


Pololu 5V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator

This switching regulator uses the SEPIC topology to produce 5V from input voltages between 2.5V and 18V. The wide input range coupled with its ability to convert both higher and lower input voltages makes it useful for applications where the power supply voltage can vary greatly, as with batteries that start above but discharge below 5V. The compact (0.4″ × 0.575″) module can supply over 400 mA in typical applications.

3.3V Step-Up (Boost)

  • Output voltage: DC 3.3V±2%
  • Output current: Amperage table
  • Input: DC 0.8V ~ 3.3V
  • High efficiency : 95% (usually is 75%-93%)
  • Low ripple and Low noise
  • Ultra-small size: 10mm x 10mm

 5V Step-Up (Boost)

  • For: Game Boy Pocket or other consoles running less than 5V.
  • Output voltage: DC 5V±2%
  • Output current: Amperage table
  • Input voltage: DC 1 ~ 5V
  • High efficiency : 95% (usually is 76%-93%)
  • Low Quiescent Current : 13uA
  • Ultra-small size: 10mm x 10mm

5V Step-Up/Step-Down (Buck/Boost)

  • For: Game Boy DMG or other consoles running above 5V.
  • Output voltage: DC 5V±2%
  • Output current: 600mA
  • Input voltage: DC 3 ~ 15V
  • High efficiency: 75%
  • Small size: 19mm x 14m x 4mm

5V with Game Boy Pocket Troubleshooting

About Voltage Regulators

Voltage regulators can sound intimidating, but they really aren’t - one thing that can help is a primer we wrote which you may want to check out:

Voltage Regulators - A Primer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
No instructions

Look I wish to know how to use this thing but no instructions no nothing not even a QR code to just direct me to the right place and how to put this damn thing together so for me for now it's on one side you didn't even get started

Thank you for your review. Check out our HHL Wiki to see if we have instructions for your specific item/console. Unfortunately, as a small company it can be hard to find the time to complete install guides for every item but we are working on it. If you do not see any install instructions for an item, check out YouTube as there are a lot of great modders out there with helpful information.

Thomas Vought
Great little chip.

Highly recommended on the GB pocket. Helps the power issues with screen mods and everdrive.

Isaiah Petersen
The Pololu 5v up/down regulator is a must have!

The Gameboy pocket and other original Gameboy's do not have enough power to power IPS or TFT screens or ROM carts such as the EZ-Flash carts. This was an easy install and now my Gameboy Pocket's have amazing screens and can use the EZ-Flash carts! Highly recommend this mod!

Daniel Kammerer

not happy about this. # 940011189922352189829 is the tracking. Look up my email for the order.

Pablo Emilio Acevedo Díaz
Excelent Audio Amp

I liked it a lot, but the only thing is that it won't work for any game boy since only a mono amplifier is needed, unless you want to powerup your headphone jack.

David Payne II
Received the red one pictured, didn't work

eBay has decent, smaller alternatives for much cheaper. My chip didn't work at all

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