Game Boy Color RetroPixel 2.0 Q5 Ultimate Console - Black Out

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The Game Boy Color Ultimate is a fully modded GBC with all the fixings. This console is ready to go out of the box fully modded with today's best mods for a modern gaming experience.

Please read our Ultimate Policy Page

We provide a 100% guarantee and take pride in our work. Purchasing a Game Boy Ultimate product includes a 90 day warranty from purchase.

This is a pre built console. Damage to the console for any reason caused by customers will not be covered by product warranty.


  • Fully refurbished OEM GBC motherboard CGB-CPU-XX version
  • IPS LCD Display Kit
  • New Capacitor Kits from Console5
  • Low Power Audio Amplifier
  • New CleanPower Regulator
  • Completely restored with new shell, buttons, membranes, and speaker
  • Every component and feature is quality inspected during production



  • 1x Ultimate Game Boy Advance console
  • 1x Protective box
  • 1x Set of AA Batteries


  • Touch Sensor is installed on top side of console center right


  • Hold down START and SELECT together for a few seconds, the "GAME" on the lens should be the only word lit up. This is "Mode 1."  Here you can use the SELECT and START button to move the display image down and up respectively
  • Tap on the touch sensor to bring it to "Mode 2." You should see "Boy" lit up now Here You can use SELECT and START to move the display image left and right respectively
  • Tap on the touch sensor again to bring it "Mode 3." You should see "Color" lit up. Use START and SELECT separately to cycle through the different color options. 
  • Hold down START and SELECT together again for a few seconds to confirm, and exit
  • To cycle the different Pixel modes, tap and hold where the touch sensor is for a few seconds, and the LCD will change to different screen modes each time you perform this

The following checks are performed during final quality assurance:

  • Power
  • Game
  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right
  • Start
  • Select
  • A & B
  • Headphone
  • Sound


Risk of fire if improperly charged or if battery is punctured. Only use protected power sources.

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Hand Held Legend is committed to keeping retro gaming alive and better than ever. Upgrade your childhood consoles with modern tech. We strive for excellence in all that we do and aim to serve our customers well.

Customer Reviews

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Angel Ramirez
Faulty Screen

To keep it brief, this ultimate console build overall is fantastic. However, one does have to question the quality of the screen, I’ve recently purchased this GBC ultimate and in just less than a week the illuminated GBC logo has become faulty. You’d think better QC would be in order, especially since the price on these ultimates aren’t cheap!

Thank you for the feedback! The issue you are seeing is something that does occur with these kits but it is easily fixed by either of these options:

First, hold down the touch sensor longer than you would for any of the effects. Basically just an extra long press until the issue disappears. Around 10 Seconds.

Second, try holding down start and select for a long press as well, around 10 seconds. This is supposed to factory reset the lens.

If neither of these resolves the issue, please reach out to us at

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