Game Boy Advance HDMI Converter

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Ryan Souders
Easy install, great quality.

I installed this mod shortly after installing an IPS LCD in my GBA, and the process was fairly simple, like a passthrough connection.

One piece of advice I can offer if you're using a 3D printed bracket to keep your LCD in place, is to break off the small piece that goes over the flex cable for your LCD, as it gets in the way when you're trying to close up the unit. Maybe this was just because of how I did it, I don't know.

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Game Boy Advance HDMI Converter

Brian F.
Ok, needs improvement

This was fairly easy to install minus the cutting of a shell (hopefully one someone will make a cut shell for these).
As far as the video out, it was great to be able to use HDMI but having no choice in how it is displayed is disappointing. If they aren't going to allow any choices it really needs to be at the correct aspect ratio and fill the majority of the screen or at least give a scaling option.

I hope they could make this have a consolizer version where you have Bluetooth (maybe no internal screen needed) so you can leave it next to the TV and use a controller (mainly the SNES controller for the Switch or any 8bitdo controller).

Ray Adams
Relatively simple to install

I did a complete overhaul of my GBA — while I’d like to identify as being at an “intermediate skill level” the reality is I’m more like an advanced-beginner. There are plenty of videos (including from this site) to show you what to do. I upgraded my screen too— ** NOTE: DO NOT try to squish the foam pad into the GBA with the HDMI mod! You can potentially screw up your screen.
Also, if you are upgrading your screen too— Modifying the housing should be the absolute first thing you do, otherwise you may get plastic dust in your screen!

Love this mod! Would buy again!

T.Beaudoin Elie
Excellent choice for gaming on the go anywere in any tv!

If you are looking for a solution to play on TV here is the thing to look no further, Thanks to the designers of the module I am very happy with my purchase.
The explanations are very well indicated and we have a lot of screen choices for the module which is really interesting
( here is mine a gba agb-001 with the hdmi module and an original ags-101 screen from the gameboy sp)

Alexander Craig
Works excellently!

Applied the HDMI kit to a GBA I had acquired. Added it to the crystal clear blue shell as well. Tried it out on my TV and worked excellently. I only have a couple minor issues. When connected to the TV, there is a slight staticy hiss with the audio. It doesn't really impede the game, so it's no huge worry, but something to look into. The only other issue is having to cut the shell to accommodate the port. I know it's unavoidable currently, and I do look forward to shells preset for the HDMI kit, but it was a bit rough to figure out at first.