Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V3 Kit - Unbranded

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Welp that was a waste

Bought it worked for a while flicked it on one day *click* off it goes, so I open it up to test get the screen to work kind of with worse than 001 brightness and a chip on the screen connector that gets so hot it burns you. Stunlocked on the issue. Wish I had something good to say but a lot of the stuff from this website just kind of breaks.

Jesse Cattoir-Young
GBA IPS V3 - Unbranded First time modder

I absolutely love my modded GBA I got IPS V3 screen, Holo Lens and Pearl Black Shell with glow in the dark buttons, being tech savvy I knew I could do this no problem and I was correct, it was super easy to put together everything was very simple and straight forward. Now I need to mod the rest of my Gameboys lol. (^_^)

Michael Katanakis

It was alright, Some of the things in the kit didnt fit the gba correctly, and i sent it to get fixed, still waiting for it to come back! I hope you guys can get it fixed for me, thanks

Best IPS kit!

I found the installation video for the IPS V3 kit on YouTube and it was so helpful with my first go at modding. Modding my GBA with this kit was more fun than I expected and the helpful instructions walked me through it to make it much easier!

Justin Pendley

Game Boy Advance IPS V3 Kit - Unbranded

Jonathon Harrison
User Friendly install.

This was my first GBA mod. So I wanted to test the “Solderless” IPS. This paired with the IPS ready game boy shell made this build very quick and enjoyable. The shipping and packing was great. I definitely enjoyed my purchase and will continue to order my parts from Handheld Legend.