Game Boy Advance IPS V3 Kit - Unbranded

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Delmar James Bowers
A Cool update

These parts are affordable and great to give your gameboy a new lease on gamer life

Chris Daniels
Struggle for GBA first timer (experienced solder+electronics hobbyist.

I struggled with this, at least some of it is my own fault, and I modified the shell myself, might have been unwise . The two directions online (part 1 and 2, although they are really two separate sets of directions) here weren't very helpful, someone should re-write them from scratch. I didn't break the screen, which sounds like it was a hazard from the warnings. The wires are soldered very delicately to the board, at wrong angles, bad design. I broke and had to re-solder one. I had to reposition both pads several times, I hope they stay stuck now! I'm not sure sticking one to the top is a good idea, and I couldn't really tell from the pictures whether it was supposed to be attached to the very top or the front near the top, and IDK if it makes a big difference. The extra bracket was unnecessary, but the side "position stick" was too thick, perhaps I needed to shave the sides more? I have a V2 from another modder on another GBA to compare, and I like the new design, but it looks like another clear insulating sticker/tape for the board would be good (was it included and I misplaced it?) Why does the insulating sticker on part 2 directions looked melted/scorched? I didn't dare solder the extra wires for brightness control, I struggled too much as it was. Wait for a branded V3 with clearer instructions, I wish I did.

Robert Schneider

This was my first experience modding any sort of device and this was the perfect kit for it! I got a prestige shell and a bracket for an easier install, and while I had to cut and sand the bracket to get it to fit properly, it was a smooth process. The finished product is everything I was hoping for and I can't wait to challenge myself with more difficult mods in the future.

Mark Belcher
Great products, difficult to install

I am a newbie, and this IPS wasn’t the one to start on. I didn’t find a ton of resources on this site for this model, but I did eventually see more in the comments of reviews here that I found useful. Only knocking off a star because I can see how easy it would be to damage the product as a newbie modder. Just be careful and plan your build!

Brian Hungate
Great Screen!

This screen is great and I love that there is a no solder option. Love the image quality and brightness. The color palettes are nice for monotone Gameboy games. I had a little trouble with finding a good spot for the touch sensors so that they weren't triggering accidently but eventually got there. Great product overall!


Worked great and wasn’t too hard to assemble. Thank you very much!