Game Boy Backlight Display Mod V3 | DMG & Pocket

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Garret Dutcher

Great service,fast shipping, loved the store just had a failure attempt at backlighting my gameboy pocket but I’m gonna give it another shot after I can get my replacement screen soon 😂

Jacob Schweiger
Not for the novice

I did microscopic circuit board assembly for 2 years and found this very difficult. You absolutely have to use the slow cooling solder like in the video. Needless to say I ended up having to buy the new display with pcb in the end. Don’t buy if you have any doubts. Side note, I did test the screen light with a 3 volt battery and found that it had 4 bright spots on the bottom that lit the screen. I’m actually okay with my failure now.

Exactly what gameboy needed

It actually pretty good easy to assemble definitely recommend you used the provided resistor if your not going to bivert just because you still have that natural contrast.

Sydney Dryier
Makes DMG's Playable!!!

Awesome product, literally can't recommend enough. It's a must have modification in every dmg gameboy, it's super cheap, super easy to install and for the price and effort it makes such a dramatic difference in the screen quality and overall gameplay experience. I especially recommend it to fellow novice modders and people who want a DMG screen upgrade on a budget. (I was initially scared to solder the wires to the bored as I had never done it before but I had no issues, even after burning the wires with a terrible 5 dollar soldering iron it still worked like a charm, this mod is idiot proof)

very cool

very good but i love how it says it doesn’t work with gba sp, ds and 3ds because those have backlights lol

a dream come to true

looks beautiful, gives this console a second life