Game Gear CleanAmp v1.0 Audio Amplifier

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george street

Clean sound with new speaker. Sound is unbelievable.

Scott Clark

Game Gear CleanAmp v1.0 Audio Amplifier

Fantastic sound - 1 minor flaw

Like other reviews, this sound board really clears up and increases the volume of the Game Gear. Definitely worth it - especially if you've got a good Game Gear with a bad sound board (after recapping). The only flaw is that, like other reviews have stated, the speaker connector isn't a perfect fit. I had to trim the speaker connector on this board for my stock speaker to fit. Not a big deal, but certainly worth noting.

Mike Jagodzinski
Great sound but not a drop in mod.

Installed this mod in my first game gear rebuild. Sound is great. But the speaker plug is not correct. Had to mod the connector to get it to work. Not a big deal but would have been nice to know when buying it.

Derek B.
Decent, but not perfect.

Sound from a new speaker, louder and clearer then a recapped og amp. HOWEVER! Audio from headphone jack is quiet. Probably about half as loud then the og amp, at full loudness. There needs to be some kind of simple mod, or a new revision of board to fix this. A small issue like this might be a turn off for some people. Other then that, retrosix makes great stuff.

Works exactly as it should. Loud and Perfectly Clear.

Works exactly as it should. Loud and Perfectly Clear.
Wont fix the poor sound quality found in the original VA0.
An original speaker can work but the speaker connector must be cut down.
The only way to make it better would be to add a second internal speaker jack for Master System stereo games.
Also many GameGear games have doppler flags and a few are stereo.