Game Boy Advance USB-C Battery Cover for CleanJuice GBA

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Michael Monn
Love it!

Excellent addition to the CLeaonJuice.

Jose Lopez
Works great!

Great battery, ai have yet to see it drop down to a low level. However, one thing to note if you purchase a shell aside from this page, this battery might not fit in it. I tested it, and fits well on a OEM shell or Retrosix branded one. Funny playing is not compatible.

I really wish there was a REGULAR template

I bought two of these for my two IPS ready shells: one pearl pink the other purple. I would have preferred to cut the covers that came with the shells myself,but I DON'T OWN OR HAVE ACCESS TO A 3D PRINTER! So the stl file you have is 100% useless. So It was just more realistic to buy these pre-cut ones instead of ruining the regular ones without a 2D template. But all complaints aside they do their job well


Game Boy Advance USB-C Battery Cover for CleanJuice GBA

Once you get it in there, it's perfect

This is a fantastic and easy mod that gives you a lot of wiggle room down the line should you need to change out the battery and such. However, there are some funky quirks. You have to make sure you're clipping out ALL of what you're supposed to if you're using the original shell. Not mad about that, but there's not a lot of room to make it anything but flush with the rest of the shell. That being said, it's a bit tough to get into the shell once you do get that sorted. I found that what you need to do is slot the prongs of the board into the metal conacts or else you'll have to deal with it popping out during the middle of gaming.

Other than that issue, battery life is great, easy to drop in and go, and charges just fine. Well worth it. Plus the deal with getting a free battery cover makes it all the more worth it.

Fits Great

Took a bit of messing with it to get it to fit the first time, but now it goes in every time super easy.