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Game Boy Bivert/Hex Module V2 | DMG

$3.99 USD

See our Game Boy Pocket Bivert Module here

Bivert modules are an effective way to upgrade the appearance of your LCD display. This easy to install module increases contrast by biverting (inverting) the orientation of the pixels of your screen. Once installed, pixels will have a blue appearance and enhanced gray scale saturation. The board lies flat on the PCB and lines up with the exact solder points you need to use!

  • 0.6mm board - super thin!
  • 2mm added to the bottom of the board for easy soldering (V1 -> V2)
  • Compatible with the Game Boy Original (DMG) and the Game Boy Pocket (MGB) (Extra wires needed)
  • Only 1 wire required for install in the DMG | 1 Wire is included!
  • Hex inverter is already soldered for you
  • Grounding for the remaining pins for increased reliability

DMG installation instructions here

What you need to install:

We recommend  the "pin lift" method when installing. 

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