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RetroSix is a small team of people who have been in the gaming industry and retail business since 2013, and sold consoles, controllers and even designed our own controllers and consoles. In 2020 we partnered with Hand Held Legend in the USA. I believe partnering with other like-minded companies is a great way to help each other out and ultimately make products that are better for the end consumer. 

Putting that expertise to good use, we decided to start RetroSix, a small team of people passionate about retro gaming, and restoring original consoles to like-new, adding our own twist and style to them and in general bringing a modern twist to retro. Experience the nostalgia without the limitations of old and outdated hardware.

So many things these days are mass produced, not designed to last, and make as cheap as possible for as much money as possible. We started RetroSix not as a mass market business. We are aiming at the small, limited quantity, but hand-build and restored market.

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