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This flex amp for the Game Boy Advance enhances the audio and also addresses issues with other flex amps that are too loud and don't have adjustability. 


  • Please purchase your speaker separately (2W)
  • Variable volume pot labelled "TRIM". This will adjust the peak volume of the amp. Set this during install with a small flat head screwdriver.
  • Preinstalled additional capacitators to reduce speaker hum.
  • If using an original speaker, there will be slight distortion at the maximum volume and the tabs on the back of the speaker may need to be trimmed

Compatibility with Dehum/Dehiss kits still to be tested. 


  • 1x GBA Audio Flex amp


  • Remove the old speaker and trim off the old solder connections so they are flat with a pair of side cutters.
  • Pre-tin the GBA motherboard (see photo showing locations).
  • Solder on the flex amp at the four locations (see photo). I suggest to use a small amount of liquid flux to help neaten to joints and allow the solder to flow.
  • Solder on the speaker.
  • Using a small 2mm flat blade screwdriver (iFix part "2"), set the volume pot to the required peak level.

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Customer Reviews

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Yat Yung
Must own for a speaker upgrade!

I was hesitant to upgrade the speakers for my GBA, but boy was I glad I got the Flex Amp. Don't really need a de-humm kit. Sounds great and loud. Easy to install. Highly recommend it.

Norma Watts
Really raises the volume!

The volume has increased drastically with this attachment. Easy to install and makes the games easy to hear.

Scott noser
Good and bad.

Good quality flex board. Absolutely makes the console louder but the volume is off at what should be 50% (on the volume wheel) and suddenly begins working when increasing past 50%. Yes it does improve sound loudness and quality but at the price of introducing this quite frustrating issue. If I would have known this prior to purchasing I would've just saved the 13 dollars.

Excellent Amp

Sound is crisp and clear, 2min to install. This is far higher quality that the R6 amp, my go to from now on.

Katie Danger @gamergirlgameboymods
Easy to install, great sound

I've used both Robot's and R6's amps and I really like the way this particular amp fits and sounds in comparison.

I think it's actually a bit easier to fit on your GBA board and think it cleans up the sound a bit better as well, WITHOUT the need for a dehum/dehiss kit.

Highly recommend Robot_retro's flex amp for boosting the sound of your GBA and improving installation efficiency!

Fantastic Amp - Easy to Install

This little amp gives a lovely clean sound. I adjusted the peak volume level using the onboard small pot to limit both the minimum and maximum sound levels. This gives a much better range if you like to play discreetly at night!!!

Also, another feature is that the volume will cut out a very low levels, this avoids the hissing I've observed from other amps with the volume wheel turned all the way down.

Highly recommended and I'm planning to fit this in all my GBAs. This is the best flex amp on the market

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