IPS LCD Kit and Lens for Game Boy Advance SP - Cloud Version

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Add this IPS LCD to your Game Boy Advance SP to make your play more enjoyable with a modern display, featuring enhanced brightness, color and clarity! 

This "Cloud" version is yet another type of IPS backlight you can buy for your Game Boy Advance SP.


  • Compatible with both AGS models
  • Shell modification required if not using IPS Shell.
  • Center screen installation, no offset display
  • One wire needs to be soldered from ribbon to motherboard for brightness function. 
  • Apparent console text is present. 
  • Cloud SP Lens is pre adhered to the LCD, choose your color. 


  • 1x IPS Backlight Screen with lens pre-adhered. (See Warnings)
  • 1x PCB Board
  • 1x Ribbon Cable (Type of cable may vary, please see notes)


  • Most variants have been updated recently and will now include an updated PCB and ribbon cable with a touch sensor attached. See photos to confirm which variants have this option. This touch sensor can be used for brightness adjustment with a tap and with a long press you can activate B/W mode, Pixel mode, and HD (regular) mode. 
  • Many variants will be discontinued once we are sold out.
  • The viewing window for this kit is slightly larger than OEM. You can use your original SP Lens, however some of the images on the edge of the LCD screen will be blocked. You will also have to carefully separate the Lens pre-adhered from the LCD. Doing this will void the product warranty as the LCD may break during this process.
  • Lower power consumption. According to the battery capacity and different game cards, the power consumption may vary.
  • Consider purchasing a foam backing to keep this kit in place if you do not have your original foam from your console.



    • You do not need to purchase a separate lens. Removing pre-adhered lens from LCD can result in damage to the LCD and will void product warranty. If you received an extra lens in your order, this was likely a included plastic lens with a shell and should NOT be placed on top of the pre-adhered lens.
    • Test before installation! When you receive a backlight/LCD kit, you should perform a dry run before installing to assure that nothing has been damaged in transit. A dry run or test fit means the kit is not installed in the shell. This includes the use of adhesives, brackets, and any performed soldering. All ribbon cables should have no bends or creases in them. If you are unsure how to perform a dry run, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help. Backlight kits that have been installed are not eligible for replacement or return.
    • LCD may break if put under too much pressure or dropped. Please exercise extreme caution when installing.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Brandon Moore
    it works

    Even though I bought their IPS ready GBA SP shell, I need to figure out a way to have the screen fit better. I salvaged the foam from my old SP shell like they suggested, but the screen jiggles from side to side. Not a huge deal but it is bothersome.

    Thanks for your review! It sounds like even with the foam you still have some wiggle. You can use some kapton tape to also secure the LCD into place, alongside the foam.

    Benjamin Jacklin
    Great product

    Awesome product although the ribbon cable has to be placed very precisely before closing the top portion of the shell otherwise the screen won’t power on. Second the touch pad doesn’t have the best design but when taped properly it works fairly well. I’d just say sometimes it’ll turn black and white without me trying to do that and it takes a couple minutes to change it back. Overall great screen and not very difficult to install.

    Cristian Sorto
    Awesome kit!

    Kit was easy to install and worked perfectly out of the box!

    Great product

    Looks and works really nicely, installation was little bit harder thna I expected, but not too complicated. Only issues I have are with touch sensor, that sometimes activates too easily, even when I'm not trying to use it, otherwise great product.

    Josue Vazquez
    Great support

    Sadly for me I received a non functional screen. Hannheald Legend support guided me through some troubleshooting process and determined was a faulty unit. They offered me either my money back or a replacement free of shipping rates. Excellent service.

    paul sutton
    Please update installation guides to reflect newest board configuration.

    Extremely happy with the LCD. Very much worth updating your old 001 GBA SP. What I wasn’t happy with was how what I ordered didn’t match what was shown in the guides. In the guide (both video and picture) you put the ribbon cable in black tab side up. But with the board I purchased if you do that the cable angles to outside the side of the gameboy, not towards the center. Common sense told me to flip ribbon over so that the contacts would face up, but being that that isn’t what’s shown in the guide I was hesitant to do it for fear of messing something up. Eventually I did it anyway and of course everything worked properly. I’m sure I look pretty silly and dumb to anyone used to doing mods like this, but for newbies who are already nervous about futzing up their system, maybe I don’t! The guides do say something like “updated instructions coming soon.” Maybe soon should be now. How much time would it take to add a pic of the new board and say “if your board looks like this, the cable goes in this way”?

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