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Whether you want to change the color of your console LED, or add additional for some extra flare, these LED's will do the job for your Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP console. 


  • Super bright 0603 LEDs
  • High intensity light output
  • Multiple colors available
  • Can also be used for PlayStation handhelds and Nintendo DS handhelds
  • Soldering required
  • Recommended to use 1.8 - 2.0V , 20mA for best color output. Resistor may be required. 


  • 1x LED color of your choice



Check out this video from 8bitjunkie for instillation instructions.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark the bag with the color of the LED before shipping

Mark the bag with a marker with the color of the LED before shipping. Helps at least if you order more than one with different colors, otherwise you have to us a microscope to check the color.

Jonny Dean

I ordered a bunch of these. They work great...but I can't tell what color they are!! Unless I install them. Which i shouldn't have to do. This is RIDICULOUS. how much more effort does it take to print off some labels and put them on the bag. For those of us that do this all the time, this is really irritating and frustrating. You could even just write ONE letter on the bag to let us know. This is unexceptable and just laziness. I won't be buying these again.

Great little mod.

Gives your GBA a totally customed look. It is quite bright when viewing at the screen directly. I understand why Nintendo opted for the color green instead of any other color due to possibility of blinding the gamer. I will sand the LED lens using a 2000/3000 grit paper to cloud it, so it's not so bright into my eyes when playing.

Don't order different colors at one time

These are great little LED's and I have ordered before, but this time I ordered two different colors for an SP build and they aren't labeled in any way. Y'all, I have no idea which LED is which and can't test without installing multiple times now (assuming I don't get it right by pure chance the first time) which heightens the risk of frying the LEDS immensely. They are clearly hand packed. At least take the time to sharpie the color on the bag or something please. Everyone else I've ordered LED's from will come with some identification on the color of the LED either by sharpie on the bag, writing on packaging, a label, or something of the sort. You get the idea. Please start doing this. Here's to hoping I get it right the first time...

Great LED Kit

I have used this kit in both my GBC & GBA and have had zero issues. This is a great little kit that is easy enough to install with some soldering skill.

Andrew Lopedote
My review.

I ordered 2 LED's. I bought 1 Purple and 2 Blue LEDS. I originally wanted to install the Purple LED, but there was an issue. It was extremely dim and I could only see it when I turned off the lights unfortunately. I uninstalled it and installed the blue LED and it is very bright. Good thing I bought more than 1. I did want purple instead of blue, but I guess it is what it is.

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