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Replacement set of Game Boy Micro Buttons for your repair or custom build.

*** The left shoulder button mold is incorrect and is missing a tab needed for function. These button sets should only be purchased if you do not intend to use the L shoulder button for game play. 

Please note, glacier is increasingly difficult to obtain as of recent.

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Customer Reviews

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Left bumper got caught on the shell several times, original worked fine.

Thanks for the feedback! We mention this information the product page - "The left shoulder button mold is incorrect and is missing a tab needed for function. These button sets should only be purchased if you do not intend to use the L shoulder button for game play."


Great d-pad and buttons for gameboy micro that came in black. Fast delivery and great service, 10/10 would recommend.

paolo velarde
GBA micro buttons (black and white)

Buttons are high quality however the b button is not recessed properly and has a click delay. R button (by the battert cover side) is pointless once everything is put together and does not click when pressed.

Jose Godoi
Nice 👍

The white button complete the look I was going for, but start and Select and L+R are not as good, but thankfully I didn't need them.

Saul Roman-Vega
Great quality buttons!

While I haven't used the LR buttons, I have used basically everything else.

After my small disappointment with how my previous custom buttons looked on my Micro, I gave these white ones a shot since there were no other alternatives that would look good on my Micro.

The buttons feel great and they look to be made very well, too. The power switch is quite stiff, some might find that annoying, but to me it just adds some satisfaction when turning my Micro on.

One thing to note, the lighting of the Start + Select buttons do not shine as nicely as in the originals. I think the translucent variation of these buttons would work a little better, but these buttons get the job done if you're replacing broken Start + Select buttons, I replaced them on a Micro I plan on reselling.

Overall, these buttons are great for adding a nice touch to your Micro's looks or as spares. I would like to see these same-quality buttons pop up in more colors, like Indigo or Green or Purple, for example. My A & B buttons could use a nice Indigo color-matching to blend in with my faceplate better!

Good Quality Plastic, But Shoulder Button Molds Not Right!

I picked up this kit out of curiosity to try and do a gameboy micro blackout build. The quality of the plastic is good, ever so slightly not as good as OEM but excellent if you needed to replace OEM buttons. I will note that the start/select replacement buttons are not double layered with clear plastic so the battery level light will not shine through these; I personally don't mind. The bad news is that the left shoulder button mold is _not_ the same as the OEM left shoulder button; it is missing an additional "step" coming off the trigger. I didn't think much of this at first but the problem is that the small additional piece of plastic it is missing is critical to prevent the front and back shell of the gameboy micro from pinching, and without it the left shoulder button becomes locked up as the body presses against it. If you just need replacement buttons that are not shoulder buttons this kit is good but the shoulder buttons just won't work.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

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