No Reset Snapback Mod for GameCube Controller

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This Snapback flex pcb prevents your stick flicks from rebounding and causing false inputs during gameplay in games such as Smash Bros Melee and Smash Bros Ultimate.
This mod is a solder-in-place flex cable with no trimming required. This is a “No-Reset” module, meaning you do not need to reset the controller after plugging it in to ensure the stick is centered. Based on a community schematic which has been thoroughly tested. Now in a compact and inexpensive package.


  • Disassemble your controller using this guide
  • Soldering required: Line up the flex PCB with the controller PCB. Solder the 4 gold connection points.
  • Replace rumble bracket.
  • There may be a protective yellow film covering the switches. This can be removed without any issues.
  • Use a soft plastic tool or toothpick to adjust the capacitor switches. Firmly grasp the sides of the switch housing while making adjustments to avoid damage.
  • Tested only with original GameCube controllers.

We carry some helpful tools for this mod:



  • 1 x Snapback PCB board

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Sebastian marszalek
    Goated capacitor

    Much more streamlined and fits perfectly in a shell without messing with the rest of the internals.

    Nathaniel Patterson
    Works great!

    The installation was very simple and easy, and tuning the switches was also very easy with smash scope

    Works perfectly for New Ultimate Controllers

    Had a bad GC controller and bought an OEM Ultimate one which had terrible snapback issues which made the game unplayable as a laser spamming Falco OTP. Very little solder experience, but the flex pcb made it so easy, and I can now run around spamming running lasers. When I Jon now, it'll never be because of controller Jons again.

    Zonic Zoner
    It has not came into the mail...

    I ordered my package on the 26th of Dec Last year. And said it was support to be delivered on the 2nd of January. The package is still not delivered.

    Not happy

    Super Toad
    Best solution for SnapBack

    This is super easy to install and it is highly effective!

    Marcos Ozuna

    Super easy to install and calibrate. Super small form factor. Can't beat the price. I have one in every one of my esports team's gccs and all of my personal non-phobs. Buy it. No brainer.

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