SEGA Game Gear CleanPower USB-C Power Regulator

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A common issue with the original Game Gear is the power board failing, the capacitors, transistors or the main IC. Although it can be fixed it has many issues such as a non-standard DC jack that is different per country, it cannot switch power between batteries and DC without resetting the console, and it is old and inefficient.

The CleanPower for the Game Gear works on all Game Gear versions and just drops in without soldering. Simply unscrew your console, unplug the old DC board and plug in the new CleanPower board.

***Shells or Bracket may need minor trimming/modification to ensure perfect closure after installation with bracket.*** 

  • USB-C power and can run from the original batteries of the console also. With support for hot-swapping between USB-C and batteries, when the batteries start running low you can plug in a USB-C cable and continue gaming without interruption or power down.
  • The low power LED that flashes on the Game Gear when the batteries are low will not flash when running off USB-C so it does not distract you from gaming while on USB.
  • Will run without any batteries inserted if you want to run your Game Gear directly from USB-C only (or perhaps a 20,000mAh battery bank for an entire 24 hours of game play!).
  • As well as replicating the original power supply requirements the CleanPower GG ramps up its power rails faster, giving cleaner power on for the system.
  • On board power LEDs give clear indications when the power is OK and going to the Game Gear (green LED) and an LED indicating when the USB-C cable that is plugged in is providing power to the board (orange LED).
  • The CleanPower GG comes with a 3D printed support to cover the hole between the shell and the USB-C connector for a clean finish.
This board does not charge batteries. For a rechargeable battery and power solution use the CleanJuice Module.

When using USB-C you can use Power Delivery chargers, standard USB to USB-C chargers such as the generic phone chargers, or any USB power device that can deliver at least 1.5A. Typically the Game Gear needs a boost over 1.5A for a short period like 100ms. Most USB power chargers are ok with a short over current burst so 1.5A power supplies are ok. If you have issues with lower power 1.5A supplies, use a USB-C power supply that can deliver 15W (3A).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jeff Pozniak
Superb easy mod

Nice plug and play unit that only took a couple minutes to drop in. A perfect fit and works great! Now I no longer have to carry around the clunky old wall adapter to play my Game Gear. Highly recommended.

Kurtis Beckerle
A must have mod

Showed up early and was easy to instal! Clean and well regulated power plus a usb c connector and a very nice 3d printed bracket for it to sit in.

Fernando Deschapell
Great product

The board works as expected. Worked flawlessly! The ease of having usb-c is great. No more trying to find space on my power strip to fit the power brick for the genesis model 2 to use on the game gear!

Joe Watkins
Does not work on all Game Gear models.

I have 2 VA4 Game Gears, nonworking, that i have recapped. Originally bought this for my VA1 Game Gear, when the power board took a dump and killed the Mobo. Thought I could just drop this in to restore my VA1, but no dice. Still dead. Then decided to move my Cleanpower board and led backlight mod over to 1 of the VA4...... surpise they dont work with the VA4! So in total, I have dropped around 60 on 2 upgrades that dont work on all Game Gears. Please rewrite your description of said items to reflect this. dont want anyone else to feel the burn like I did.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

alexander arce
Great upgrade

Better upgrade from the AC Adapter that gets hard to find but it can also be connected to a External smartphone battery for uninterrupted playing

Good solution with some minor issues

This is a great drop solution for upgrading the the power board but the black 3d printed cover piece requires trimming on the place that sides In between the USB c port and the pcb. Also the power switch is smaller than the original so there is a lot of play with the power switch. It works well when put together but there is still a little wiggle to it. But over all it is still a great solution to the power upgrade.

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