680UF Aluminum Capacitor | Game Boy Color

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Troy Amhaz
reduced hum by like 80%

reduced my hum on a q5 ips mod by like 80%. i also added clean power. the main difference is the gameboy color doesnt scream anymore during cart loading. great cap! i think there needs to be more done tho to completely remove the hum.

edit!! i just got the helder power reg. it has a tantalum cap built in. the helder 100% removed the noise. just go with helder. american made is the way to go!!

Waste of money

Cost more in shipping than the part. Did not reduce the audio hum after installing the new amp and speaker.

I'm sorry you are having issues with this product. Please contact us at support@handheldlegend.com so we may resolve this for you.

Jonathan Mata
100% a Must & Essentail

If you have an AMP, specially a PAM8302 and Backlit IPS LCD, YOU NEED THIS!!! I cannot believe the day and night difference this makes in GBC. Unfortunately, the GBC by nature & design has a lot of noise, distortion and Static. Adding an AMP only makes this more noticeable since its louder now. Adding an IPS LCD pulls more power and cause more sound issues. Will this is all remedy by this simple capacitor that is replace with stock on C32. Do yourself a favor and make this nice and crisp.
*noise will still be there but it so suppress and low now :)

Easy hum/scream fix

I upgraded my gameboy color to a Q5 OSD IPS kit and it would scream and hum like mad. the original hardware was clearly not meant to support such awesomeness. this capacitor is an easy solder swap of a mainboard capacitor. it fixed 95% of the screaming/humming. the last 5% is a low buzz that remains after the upgrade. but definitely a substantial improvement over the OEM capacitor.


680UF Aluminum Capacitor for CleanAmp | 20% 6.3V SMD

Tomas Loma
Great buy

I got two one for a friend and one for myself I used mine with the pam8302a amp board and it sounds nice and crisp.