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Take your Game Boy restoration to the next level with the custom built, ultra-efficient and clean audio class D amplifier designed in-house by RetroSix. The CleanAmp replaces the original audio amplifier and speaker of the Game Boy Original, Color, Pocket or Advance with a modern smooth and crazy loud class D amplifier and speaker.


  • Universal - Can be used in any Game Boy Console
  • Hear your game boy across the room
  • v1.2 includes larger solder pads for easier installation
  • The puresilence upgrade is built into v1.2 for the Game Boy Advance, giving complete silence when the volume wheel is turned all the way down, both in headphones and to the speaker.
  • Basic soldering skills and tools required, speaker sold separately.
  • Hook-up wire required
  • Compatible with original headphone jack, sound stops when plugging in headphones.


  • 1 x CleanAmp v1.2 PCB version


  • Basic soldering skills and tools required. *Please use 28-30 AWG stranded core wire to install. Anything thicker may cause the solder pads to lift*
  • Module is now black.
  • This amp has the 'PureSilence' mod installed. Which means that, when the volume wheel is closer to the off position, the volume will become completely silent. This helps to reduce the humming/hissing noises that can be heard when an amp is installed. However, please expect a less gradual increase of volume from off to receiving sound, it will start off at a higher-level volume than a quiet one.
  • Created by RetroSix.



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Customer Reviews

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Works great! Install was a little difficult but the result was 100% worth it.

Chris Bushman
Overall, good mod for the DMG-01

So I ended up grabbing a new power regulator along with the audio amp. Right now, I'm using the factory speaker that came with the Game Boy. Overall, quality is good and sound is effective (and very loud). Since I was careful and used plenty of flux, I did not run into any issues with the quality of the solder pads on the board. A few improvements for this mod and the offerings of items on Handheld Legend:

- The directions for the DMG-01 install have me solder a small wire on the end of a component (resistor or capacitor. Not sure). If we are having pads on the board already, why not just have another pad available to solder onto? Even when being careful, I still shifted the component. This part of the design introduced unneeded risk for the install

- Handheld Legend offers new speakers. Cool, except the wire length was not adequate for this mod. If I missed another item posting to get a new speaker with longer wires, that should be a more obvious option. Otherwise, consider defaulting the speakers sold with longer wires for things like this mod. Due to this, I just stayed with my original speaker

- I'd like to see recommendations for taking advantage of the increased power output of the amp. Better quality speakers? Higher impedance headphones? Is this mod a good direction to take for an audiophile Game Boy?

- It wasn't clear to me if this amp would clean up any of the white noise on the audio line (it doesn't, at least on the headphone output. Makes sense, but still). Perhaps a specific disclosure on this only amplifying total power of the output would be good, especially given the name of the mod (CleanAmp).

That's all I got. I'm a happy customer, but think there is still room for some improvement on the mod itself and how it's sold.

Very fiddly, but the dehum kit is 100% needed for GBA SP

I'm surprised these two things don't just come as a set. The ClearAmp is incredibly fiddly to solder. You need wire strippers and patience to solder all of the wires and cut them to size. I recommend using double sided take and taping the board in place before starting and leaving it there. You will also need to cut part of the speaker inlay on the shell so have some sharp flush cutters handy. You will also be sacrificing a **** in the motherboard, however the two are just fine.

The amp sounds loud, but incredibly noisy. Lots of hissing, buzzing, static, and squealing. It's unplayable without the dehiss kit which I installed and it sounds much better with that paired with it.

Easy and clean

Very nice amp. I have it in all my consoles. Here's my gameboy pocket with it installed. Clean and loud audio even without bridging.also my other red pocket and my DMG


Very loud


Nice and loud

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