900mAH Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Replacement for Game Boy Advance SP

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Trevor Martin

Does the job

Fine for aftermarket shells, but not oem

The battery is fine. It seems to last about as long as OEM. The listing does have a disclaimer that this battery may not fit easily. It needed some force to fit in an aftermarket shell. However, I bought it for an OEM unmodified ags101 and it's both too wide and too long. Both by a hair, but short of modifying the shell, it had no chance of fitting. It's a shame, but to HHLs credit, they do have a disclaimer on their page. I didn't even argue with them because of it. Just spend a few bucks more for either makhos or helders batteries.


Got two of these to replace old batteries on two SP's with the backlight. I was hesitant because of a couple of reviews saying they would not fit into the battery area. I will admit that it was a little tight, however, I did not experience any struggling to get the pack into proper position. Charged overnight for a flight. Ended up getting over 8 hours of playtime during a round trip to Mexico. Still had some charge. Excellent product. Easy A+ in my book.

Extended Battery Life - It's Good

As warned, it was indeed a tight fit to install. That had me nervous for a minute, but a combination of finesse and force worked it in. Be aware also that you'll want to have the appropriate hardware to remove the cover (00 phillips worked for my Advance SP).

After the install and a full charge (this only took a couple hours) it's lasting much longer than my old battery. Just what I hoped!

Michael Brady
Thermodynamics Work!

So I bought the battery without reading too many reviews, only to find that it didn't fit in my OEM case. Had I read the reviews, I would've known better.

That said via the law of thermal expansion, I was able to put the battery in the freezer for a few days to shrink it down and was able to snuggly fit it into my OEM case. Though having a hair dryer/heat gun to heat up the case might have helped too, the frozen battery was enough for me.

So far great battery

Only con is it’s a snug fit.