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Upgrade your Game Boy Color from traditional AA batteries to a drop-in wireless rechargeable battery pack. Designed and tested in the UK by RetroSix, the CleanJuice Air for GBC is the ultimate upgrade to your Game Boy Color console.

**UPDATE:  This model is the upgraded version that includes both wireless and USB charging (with additional mod purchased separately) on the PCB. Install for this version is slightly different than the original. Please see documentation for updated video guide.


  • Give the CleanJuice a full charge and enjoy hours of gaming! Check out this article to see how long it could last.
  • Adds 6.3W watts of power.
  • Use a QI Wireless Charger to charge your Game Boy Color. 
  • Combine with the USB-C Charging Mod for Game Boy Color CleanJuice Air to enable USB-C Charging
  • Only recommended to use with Retrosix Prestige Shells, no shell modification needed. 
  • We do not recommend using with OEM or other aftermarket shells, as it will be a very invasive modification requiring you to cut out the entire back of the battery housing. 


  • 1x Game Boy Color CleanJuice PCB
  • 1x CleanJuice Battery (1700 mAh real capacity)


  • Recommended to charge with 7.5W at lowest, and 20W for best results.
  • If you experience symptoms where red and orange lights come on, stay solid, then both go off in few minutes if NOT already fully charged, its likely too low power from the wireless charger.
  • No longer includes adhesive on the battery. Do not add your own adhesive as this will cause fitment issues.
  • Battery cover not closing? Check out the method in this video where you bend the battery cover tab.
  • Created by RetroSix.

LED indicator key:

  • The light on the A/B button side of the console indicates that the module is receiving wireless power from your charger.
  • The light on the D-Pad side of the console indicates that the battery is currently charging. 
  • For further charging information, please view this video around the 10:15 minute mark.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nightmare to Install

This is my second replacement. Battery is super delicate and complicated. Connections to battery are easy to break and it will turn off if battery is not sitting right. Highly dont recommend, save your money and get the cheaper one by funny playing.

Thanks for your feedback! Please reach out to us at so we may look into this further with you!

Preston Swimm

Bought this and the r6 shell recommended with this mod. I didn’t really dig the look of the r6 shell front plate so I used my funnyplaying front & just swapped out the rear shell, no cutting needed. I will say that getting the proper tension between the pins and the connectors was a bit of a pain. I thought I had it, went to play and moved “too abruptly” and the battery disconnected for a split second so just make sure the pins are reallyyyyy pushing into the connectors and you shouldn’t have much of an issue. I also threw a tiny piece of foam tape in there just as padding to prevent any shifting during play.

Retro Six Shell *basically* required

I bought this and the USB C connector because it was the only in stock GBC solution that was compatible with all my cables.

-Can charge with USB C to C and C to A cables (Combined with the USB C connector)
-Battery lasts ages. I only had to charge it after 2 weeks of on/off use.
-Wireless Charging is neat, although I just use a cable

-RetroSix Shell basically required**
-Tabs can be a bit finicky, but at least you only have to deal with them once

**I tried modifying my preferred FunnyPlaying shell and it technically worked, but I removed 2 **** posts under the battery in the process which made the unit feel a bit loose. I kept the FP front and swapped out the rear for a R6 shell and am happy. My R6 shell did not have the USB C cutout, but their newer batches should.

Joel Martinez
Bulky is an understatement

My biggest issue with this is that it’s so easy to use but a nightmare to make fit in the GBC. The block shape simply isn’t made for the rounded inserts for battery supply. Grea concept but awful execution is the culprit here. Is the power supply contoured to the shape of the shell then it’s be the perfect mod, BUT instead you get a literally square block in a round hole. RIP to my shells I destroyed trying to make this thing fit.

Thanks for your feedback! After looking into this with the supplier, we did find that the PCB is slightly larger than the original PCB which causes the difficulty during install. However, they have found a solution to help aid in proper install. Please refer to the documentation section of the product page which now includes a video on how to install. You can reach out to us at as well so we may look into this further with you.

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