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Upgrade your Game Boy Advance from its low powered AA battery compartment to a drop-in USB-C rechargeable battery pack.

Adds 6.3W of power to your GBA! Charge at any time using a regular USB-C cable, and even reverse charge the console from your phone if it supports power share. That means you can charge your GBA while you are out, using your phone battery. Designed and tested in the UK by RetroSix.


  • USB-C battery 
  • Uses a 1500mAH battery. (Recent change temporarily)
  • No soldering required.
  • Compatible with Qi receivers - coil with wireless charging PCB modification required.
  • Connect battery to CleanJuice board (only fits in one way)
  • Give the CleanJuice a full charge and enjoy hours of gaming! Check out this article to see how long it could last.
  • USB-C battery covers sold separately.
  • USB-C charging cable sold separately.
  • For regular and OEM shells: Battery housing modification required. USB-C Battery cover hole will need to be cut.
  • For IPS ready shells: Battery housing modification is not required. USB-C Battery cover hole will need to be cut or you may purchase a USB-C battery cover here.
  • If you want to pair this module with the shells by Hispeedido or FunnyPlaying, you will need to trim a tab on the upper left side of the Hispeedido/FunnyPlaying USB-C battery over. This tab hits the JST port on the CleanJuice PCB, preventing it from closing. You will also have to adjust/lift the module to line up with the USB port cut out.


      • 1x Cleanjuice board
      • 1x 1500 mAH battery



      Light Indicator Key:

      • If the PG labeled light on the board is on, this means the USB cable is providing power to the system. This also means you can power your console from the USB without draining the battery - plug and play option.
      • If the CHG labeled light on the board is on, this means the USB is charging the battery. When it goes off, the battery is fully charged.
      • Both indicator lights will be on when module is charging. When module is fully charged, only the PG light will remain.
      • If you connect a USB cable and the PG light does not turn on, your cable or power supply are faulty.



      Risk of fire if improperly charged or if battery is punctured. Only use protected power sources along with power delivery (PD) compliant cables and chargers. Using uncertified hardware may result in more than 5v being delivered to your CleanJuice product. Damage caused by unsupported hardware voids our return/exchange policy. Examples of supported chargers:

      • Nintendo Switch charger
      • MacBook Pro type C charger
      • Samsung type C charger
      • Google Pixel charger
      • USB A to USB C cable (certified only!)
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 572 reviews
        Conner Abbey
        easy to install but does not fit the case right

        as stated the battery itself is easy to assemble and install but the problem is that the battery doesn't fit the gba properly. I bought it alongside the 'CRYSTAL CLEAR IPS MODIFIED PRESTIGE SHELL' from RetroSix, the shell page itself links to this battery under the 'pairs well with' section so I know it is not an issue of compatibility, as well as a pre-cut USB-C battery cover to fit it with. however when i put the cover on it noticeably does not click into place and just barely stays closed, it even pops off on occasion when im holding it. im assuming the 'plug' part of the motherboard that plugs into the battery itself is raised ever so slightly too high and causes it to bulge out against the battery cover. while not a mega issue as the battery still performs as intended, it can be annoying for the case to pop off and im worried that the constant pressure from the cover on the battery might cause damage or affect it in the long run

        Thanks for your feedback! Please reach out to us at so we can look into this further with you.

        Tony Le
        Works like wonder!

        Installing this on an OEM shell isn't bad at all! I had to snip off the little flaps and it slid in real snug! Battery life is pretty good, been playing Pokemon on for hours without it needing to charge.

        Great upgrade

        Great upgrade for the battery, great life and awesome to pair with screen and audio upgrade

        Alex Walters
        Works great

        This is the second one I’ve bought, this one is just as good as the last. Works perfect with the right Retrosix battery cover

        Drummin’ Like a Pink Bunny!

        My IPS screen was draining the life outta my AAs like I was paying it to do so. Did this very simple mod and boom my GBA keeps goin’ and goin’ and goin’. Thank you RetroSix and HHL!

        Joseph Rubio

        CleanJuice Game Boy Advance (V1.3) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Module - RetroSix

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