Game Boy Color IPS LCD Q5 - Unbranded

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Great screen!

It's a vibrant and bright screen, install was easy although I'm still looking for instructions to get the battery meter working. All in all I've played almost 20 hrs and no issues! Highly recommend

I would not recommend this screen.

Let's be clear, I have done many a difficult mod before, and this one is nothing out of the ordinary. The quality of this screen and install is very hit or miss. I wanted one after seeing the option of centering the screen and the size of it as compared to the freckleshacks or ags101 swaps. Did a CleanAmp1.1 as well as a Dehiss capacitor as well. When I fired it in the first time I got...nothing. Led didn't light up, screen didn't come on, no sound, nothing. Checked all my wires, nothing was touching anything it shouldn't. Solder was clean and well flowed to all I worked on. System worked fine before I opened anything up and was in great shape. I fiddled with it for a couple hours and got nothing. Never had a mod go south like that before. Hit road blocks but never had complete failure. I swapped a fresh untouched gbc board over to it to be sure, no mods or anything out to it, and this one worked fine as was....same result. Modding can be costly, and as such, I can't recommend this particular mod. Too much of a gamble I feel.

Wonderful Screens

These are great screens. I've installed a couple at this point, and they're very much my preferred option. You do have to do some trimming and use the specific screen lens that is compatible with the increased dimensions of the screen, but the smaller bezels and greater screen real estate are very much worth it and make the device look even more modern. Well, as modern as a GameBoy can, anyway! I hope to see more screen lens options as well as pre-made shells for the correct dimensions in the future.

The only thing I would change would making the on-screen menu a bit more intuitive to navigate. Pressing Select + A + B to bring up the menu is fine, but the actual method of navigation takes some getting used to. This is less of a problem if you're using the included touch sensors, but I ended up removing them from my unit as I found I accidentally triggered them frequently. Being able to use the directional pad to navigate the menus would be nice. It would require additional soldering, but since you're already doing some soldering to the ribbon connector anyway, a few extra wires would be worth it in my mind.

One thing to note as well is that the brightness on the displays, at least those that I have received, is not entirely even. It's typically brighter in the bottom right-hand corner of the display. This is mostly noticeable when the screen is dark, and I wouldn't consider it a reason to avoid purchasing these screens.

Overall, as long as you don't mind doing a bit of extra work to get your shell where it needs to be for this screen and are okay with just having the two design options for a screen lens, I think it's a clear winner in terms of the options available at the time of writing this in February of 2021.

Involved but worth it

Shipping was great and packed well. The shell trimming is fairly simple but could be frustrating if this is your first time like it was for me. Likewise the soldering was my first time and was (mostly) painless, though I did burn one contact off for a button and had to use another contact.. I would recommend being used to soldering small component.

lasted 5 days

looked beautiful and was the best screen I ever installed until the screen's control board failed. Now the screen brightness is always sitting between 5 to 10% brightness, so dim you can hardly see it even in a totally pitch black room. The built in screen menu is still at full brightness, so it's an issue with the signal interpreter I think. the issue is persistent regardless of attached screen or motherboard.

The screen is worth it if it doesn't fail, but keep in mind "test before installing" doesn't mean you have a good board.

Outstanding Screen

Honestly an amazing screen for this device. This is not an easy install (might be nice to have a bracket) but if you're patient and steady-handed, this mod pays off in dividends. I would love to see a white screen lens for this, or some other variants like the full-size kits. Totally worth the money, buy this thing!