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This flex amp for the Game Boy Advance enhances the audio and also addresses issues with other flex amps that are too loud and don't have adjustability. 


  • Please purchase your speaker separately (2W)
  • Variable volume pot labelled "TRIM". This will adjust the peak volume of the amp. Set this during install with a small flat head screwdriver.
  • Preinstalled additional capacitators to reduce speaker hum.
  • If using an original speaker, there will be slight distortion at the maximum volume and the tabs on the back of the speaker may need to be trimmed
  • Compatibility with Dehum/Dehiss kits still to be tested. 


  • 1x GBA Audio Flex amp


  • Remove the old speaker and trim off the old solder connections so they are flat with a pair of side cutters.
  • Pre-tin the GBA motherboard (see photo showing locations).
  • Solder on the flex amp at the four locations (see photo). I suggest to use a small amount of liquid flux to help neaten to joints and allow the solder to flow.
  • Solder on the speaker.
  • Using a small 2mm flat blade screwdriver (iFix part "2"), set the volume pot to the required peak level.


  • This amp has a 'silence' mod installed. Which means that, when the volume wheel is closer to the off position, the volume will become completely silent. This helps to reduce the humming/hissing noises that can be heard when an amp is installed. However, please expect a less gradual increase of volume from off to receiving sound, it will start off at a higher-level volume than a quiet one.
  • Created by Robot_Retro
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Good amp love the adjustability

Pretty easy install everything lined up. Adjusted the potentiometer on the flex amp to get the max volume I wanted. Has full range adjustability. You can actually set it too high to where it will start to "clip". Very clean install.
P.S. if you hear crackling, your speaker is probably hitting the grill of the case which can be fixed by lowering the amplification. I spaced my speaker out a bit with thin enameled wire and trimmed the speaker feet to get more volume, more of a speaker issue. Mine is the 2W speaker.

Great mod

Great modification. Pretty easy to do. I can hear my games in noisy environments.

Great upgrade

Excellent upgrade. I bought it knowing that I would it figure it out. Volume is excellent. For those looking to adjust the potentiometer, by trial and error I found out that turning clockwise lowers de voltage (bringing the max volume a little lower but also allowing to lower volumes to be played when bringing the volume wheel below 50%). I kept mine that it mutes around 25% but still brings a nice loud volume. There was no noise from the speaker, even when bringing the potentiometer higher. I also upgraded to the 2W speaker as needed.

David Pineda
Excellent product

It’s my first time doing soldering in over 3 years ever since the pandemic I’ve been doing mods for classic consoles. I’m still getting the hang of it. Thank you!

Decent Amp, Unless it Breaks

TLDR; The amp works nicely but is cheaply manufactured. Put any pressure on the resistors and they will fall off the board.

Installation was a breeze, and it sounded pretty good-even with the OEM Game Boy Advance speaker. That is, it was good untill it mysteriously stopped working on day 3. After inspecting it, turns out one of the resistors fell off, and I was unable to find it. Additionally, as I was taking it out, I grabbed one of the resistors with my tweezers and the resistor practically slipped right off the board. Gentle pressure with my thumb slid away another one after that. Sad, as I had really enjoyed the sound quality it had before it died.

Thanks for your review! Send us a message at support@handheldlegend.com so we may get this resolved for you!

It does amplify sound.

Like another, sound completely cuts out when the GBA wheel goes under 50% however very loud above 50% with no noticeable hissing/hum. Was an easy 5 min install with a new 2W speaker. There is a lack of info on adjusting the mini potentiometer one way or the other outside of using a 2mm flat screwdriver. It does what it's advertised to do - however some mini potentiometer adjustment info would save a lot of time and having to remove the GBA board repeatedly so I deducted a star. Otherwise this thing is now quite audible.

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