Game Boy Advance SP IPS Backlit LCD Kit - Unbranded

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Emren Akdamar
If you're worried, don't be!

This kit was very easy to work with and incredibly high quality! I'm glad I saved a few dollars in the process. Colors are really accurate and the kit works as it should.

Brandon Savage
Crooked light

The light came super crooked and all to one side so I had to modify my shell. The light ended up leaking and not working at all anyways after I carved up my shell to make the light fit

Alex P.
Fantastic screen, weird issues?

I got this screen at the beginning of 2021, but now that I have had it for a while, I have noticed some weird flaws.

#1: The screen seems to be displaying 2 pixels further left than it should. I can see two columns of pixels on the left side of the display that aren't in use. I am not sure if the lens was installed improperly or if the image isn't displaying properly either.

#2: There is noticable framerate stutter. when playing with a 001 display on my other SP, movement is crispy and smooth with no stuttering. However, on the IPS there is some quite noticeable studder (for example the scrolling backgrounds in MK super circuit, and being able to see the kart vibrating up and down unevenly).

I am not sure if these are just standard things that occur on all units or if my screen or ribbion cable has a flaw. I have taken the system apart multiple times to diagnose and also cleaned all contacts to no avail. I know I am outside of the return window, but I would like some answers, like if getting a new screen or a new cable with do the trick.


Keoni Yan
Doesn’t work

The screen isn’t working. I can hear the sound of my game boy turn on but the screen doesn’t light up. And make sure you order a side of the 3ways screw driver

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Daniel Pacyau
Beautiful screen

It works really great. It fits really tight. Don’t glue down the cable until you have the screen positioned so that both halves of the enclosure fit.

Sean Irwin
Just installed

Just finished my install. Had some bumps but figured it out. Great product!