Game Boy Advance SP IPS V2 Kit - TV Out Version - HISPEEDIDO

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Travis Woloshyn
A tough mod for sure

SPs are notoriously tricky to begin with but I ended up losing a node on my ribbon cable during the installation attempt. I’ve ordered a replacement so hopefully second time is a charm.

Matt Lyons
Great product

The screen itself is great and the av out is super fun. My only problem is the touch sensor for the color seems to have stopped working properly after only a few days. It had now begun to switch on its own and doesn't always respond to touch anymore.

justin cordero
Great product. Very fragile!

The ipsv3 definitely works as intended. There are some cons though.
1. The audio REQUIRES an audio jack through your charge port. Which means no charging while in use.
2. Battery consumption. This should be a duh moment but I am referring the TV out mechanic. It uses far more than you think.
3. Screen fragility. Be extremely carefully not only installing this but using this. The glass is very fragile and to be honest should not have been used in lue of plastic of other material.

Overall satisfied but disappointed in my own recklessness.