Game Boy Advance SP Shell | IPS Modified

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Patti F
Hinge broke seconds after install, Hinge caps did not fit hinges

I have ordered this same shell before and was replacing it do to small cracks. replaced it, opened up my sp, portion above the hinge snapped clean off. I just ordered the prestige shell from retrosix (handheldlegend sells this as well) and hopefully it will have better quality. This isn't directly handheld legend's fault, but they did sell it to me.

All in all, this shell is very hit or miss in terms of quality. I have had three of them and two of them had issues.

Charles-Alexandre Dumont
Good shell

Pretty high quality shell, backlight is bleeding heavily though

Sean Sasaki
Great shell with slight modification needed

The shell fit and worked. However, I highly recommend placing some small cardboard pieces from a box or wherever under the A and B buttons. The buttons are not tall enough to stand on their own and without the extra cardboard they will get stuck frequently. Other than this, the shell is great.

Juan Tovar
Good price but issues

I bought the shell along with the upgraded screen but shortly after putting everything back together I have had issues with A & B buttons sticking. I have taken the unit apart a few times and made adjustments but still experiencing the same problem

Franco Sandoval
Ips modified Nes shell

Very satisfied with my new shell. No problems what so ever.

Wesley Williamd
Works better than I thought!

I got everything I ordered as expected even though paying for the one day shipping wasn’t worth it because it ended up coming a week later, but over all it was good.