Game Boy Advance SP Shell | IPS Modified

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Lonnie Snodgrass
Great shell!

I bought the Blue Raspberry shell and the Golden Sun(?) buttons for a Zero Suit Samus themed SP. Worked like a charm. I also bought a set of glow membranes not realizing that the clear shells already come with some... BUT. Even closed, the glow in the dark effect is awesome. Can't lose your SP in a dark room if you've had it open. The only sucker about it is the screw holes might need a wee bit of trimming. Didn't bother with the included screws. You already have an original set...

Andrew Foiles
So clean! Great buy!

This was a great reshell and feels top quality. I’ll definitely get one again.

Peter Cirincione
Good but not great

This shell is good quality but as another reviewer brought up, the A & B button key bosses are too shallow and the buttons sometimes rotate when pressed frantically or for a long period and get stuck depressed, its pretty annoying. I just clipped off the button keys on mine because the smoke grey buttons were hard to notice already and i don't care but it might look too chintzy for most people. I also recommend using your original screws, and be carful with the hinge covers.

Josh M Robinson
Not impressed

I’m usually really pleased with the parts I get here, but this case was the rare exception. The shoulder buttons didn’t fit correctly, the hinges don’t sit right, the hinge covers don’t fit, and the screws stripped almost instantly. There’s a lot of good stuff on the site, but skip this.

I am sorry you are disappointed with the product. We would be happy to offer a solution if you want to message us at

Jake White
Awful screws

The shell itself is very high quality but I just cannot understand what led to these screws being included. The first time you put them in they appear visibly rounded, and if you take them back out again they're basically stripped. They just melt like butter. Buy a separate pack of screws honestly.

Daniel Furman
clear red shell

gud 10/10
screen and buttons from hhl as well.