Game Boy Advance SP IPS Backlight LCD Kit V2 - HISPEEDIDO

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Zach Webb

This screen looks fantastic, is easy to install, and the brightness button works great and is a simple soldering job.
For me, the only problem with it, amd why it gets four stars, is the touch screen implementation. Admittedly, I may have done it wrong, but the touch screen pads just caused the screen to cycle colors nonstop. I ended up just desoldering them and installed it without them.

1st time experience good

This is my 1st mod install on the Game Boy Advance SP and overall im am satisfied. Installation was easy to understand and the “no solder” option is nice. I did eventually soldered the wire for the brightness options on the button. Great experience! The screen is bright and vibrant. No complaints there. The ribbon cable could’ve been a little short for my comfort but was still able to get the job done.

Shane Rios
Did not work

As soon as i hooked up component and tried too test screen i could get sound but no picture. Just a blank grey screen. After 3 attempts no sounds or picture came. The ribbon cable and component were oddly shaped as the cable appeared way too short

Aaron K Houghton

Simple install. I absolutely love it. I've already ordered another!

Arrived quick

I love the quality of the screen, it arrived fast save installed easily.

GBA SP IPS screen

I was always interested in upgrading the quality of the screen but was discourage due to no knowledge in installation. But good thing youtube now has a bunch videos on installation. Was a pretty easy installation process. I'm satisfied with the quality of the screen. Only thing is that after changing the screen, the battery doesn't last as long for long game play like before. But that's not too much of an issue, I just bought 2 more new batteries to solve that issue. Other than that my GBA SP feels like it has been reborn.