Game Boy Advance Wire-Free Dehum Dehiss Kit

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Dave L.
tricky but seems worth it

A little tricky to get the thing to lay flat, but that's explained in the tutorial. I don't hear any humming at arms length when the sound is low, so I'd say it's a solid item to consider.

Donald G.
Full volume is now hiss free!

When I first built my gba I left this out and trust me you need it if you get the amp.
I can now turn the volume all the way up and barely hear the hiss it’s still there but it’a only noticeable if you are listening for it
Plus the wire free made it extremely easy to install

Patrick Estes

Very good to 85 percent

came in on time

i got the packages with the items i order and it was good. and the amp kits was so wasy to install.

Add it to your build!

My build has the CleanAmp v1.0 Audio, and it does cause a very distinguishable hiss. This mod has reduced the audio hiss quite a bit and is well worth installing. Just be aware that it is a bit challenging to fully install, so be prepared. It lines up and allows for points to be easily bridged, and RetroSix has a great tutorial video. Just take your time and you'll be fine.

Great when paired with Clean Amp Pro

Well designed flex board, though was a fairly difficult install. There is one capacitor in particular that you are required to bridge to that’s literally 1 mm in width. Those have a tendency to detach and suck up into the solder on the tip of your iron if you apply too much heat. Definitely recommend watching the Retrosix install video to understand the “flick technique.”

Performance-wise, the kit sounds great, and greatly reduces the amount of static put out with the increase in volume by the Clean Amp Pro.

My GBA is running an IPS v3, Clean Amp Pro, Dehiss/dehum kit, new speaker, and Clean Power lithium ion battery.