Game Boy DMG IPS LCD V3 with Front PCB - Unbranded

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Aaron Glinski
Awesome product

Great product. Easy to install.

Worthy upgrade

Easy installation and great image quality. The battery light seems brighter than the original, but that’s easy to fix with a little bit of clear tape on the inside of the glass. Highly recommend this mod

Craig B
Works Great and Easy to install

this very simple screen change makes a world of difference for my DMG-01 Gameboy. I installed the screen just a hair to far right and i can see a bit of stray light on the side, but that's easy enough to fix once i get around to it. this was the only mod i've done and it's the only one i need. Now i can play in any light and i can see the game so clearly. I had really forgotten how much screens have improved but now with this one installed i can get back into pokemon red and tetris and super mario world.


This is incompatible with both Nanoloop Mono and LSDJ. Pretty disappointed. Also, still haven't figured out how to cycle the screen colors. The answer I got was vague and unhelpful.

I'm sorry you are having issues with this product. It sounds like you may have contacted customer support already, but if you have not, please feel free to do so again at

Melchor Pedraza
An excelent upgrade to a legendary handheld

It looks amazing even when it's turned off, the black display gives it a modern look. I never thought that my games would look better on the Game Boy than in the Super Game Boy. The only thing that isn't working well is the brightness adjustment and the led brights too much in a dark environment. That's why I decide to put only 4 stars... It's a must buy eithet way!

Rob Holley
Pretty damn good.

This product is so fantastic. Only suggestion is that it would be nice if you could turn the contrast wheel while it is pushed in to cycle through many more colour choices. For example, turn to blue, then push in and turn the wheel to scroll through various blues etc