Game Boy Color CleanPower Regulator

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Scott M.
GBC power regulator

Old regulator had a damaged coil and needed to be replaced. Tried this regulator as a replacement with the drop in smaller generic ips screen kit. Works perfect for me. I reused the pins from the old regulator so i could install it easier for me but i needed to cut the shell to make it fit this way. Don't reuse the old pins. You don't need to, i thought i did but still got it to work with my mistake. Perfect replacement.


The products were great. Only downfall I felt was the lack of instructions (I’m new to modding/repair), but a lil googling took care of that. Keep up the great work.

Troy Amhaz
Better options!!!

I got this and installed it on my gbc. it works but only that. I also have the helder power regulator. just don't buy this one and get the Helder one. the Helder has a tantalum cap that COMPLETLY removes the hum and noise from ips and flash cart mods. helder is more thought out and complete. American made is the way to go!!!

Josh R.
Clean and easy install

Get yourself some flux, a good solder sucker (I recommend Vampire Tools from Japan), and pop out that old regulator with no problems. Clean up the board, and this puppy installs like a dream. I've used it in several builds for clients, powering the CleanAmp audio mod with Natalie's LED board and a FunnyPlaying Q5 IPS LCD on two AA batteries with ZERO issues. Looks clean, plays clean. Just do it.

Steven Johnson
Freaking awesome

Did a clear/white gbc build and the old regulator was uggin up my aesthetics. Clean power replacement looks and functions beautifully. Video guide was super easy to follow and even though im not new to soldering it was awesome to see in depth tips on how to remove old parts. Huge thank you to the developers, you guys rock.

So far so good

I installed this in a GBC with the unbranded Q5 display. I also re-capped the unit with 100uF MLCC capacitors in place of the C35 and C38 electrolytics and replaced the main C32 capacitor with a 680uF electrolytic by Nichicon. Everything seems to be working great! Everdrive X3 boots up with no issue and display is performing correctly too. Need to do some more monitoring regarding battery life, not sure if this will improve it or not compared to the stock regulator. I also installed mine backwards (removed the stock regulator entirely and placed this one there) just because I thought it was a better look.