Game Boy Color IPS LCD Bracket

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W. B.
Preferable to Adhesive

The bracket definitely helps seat, secure, and center the IPS screen. I trimmed and lightly sanded the inside of an OEM shell, and the bottom piece of the bracket in particular slips right into place if you've made the appropriate cuts. Follow the tutorials, check and double-check that the IPS screen (and then the bracket) fits inside the shell after you've made your cuts, and use a bracket vs. the adhesive if you anticipate making future adjustments or modifications to your Game Boy Color beyond the addition of an IPS screen.

justin dicapo
Must have for IPS install

The install went great and it was especially easy thanks to bracket kit. The kit makes sure the screen is centered and also helps out letting you know when you have filed enough of the old shell down.

Jeremy Gomez
Game Boy Color IPS LCD Bracket

Perfect fit! Doesn't matter if you take too much off, LCD screen still sits perfectly. Highly Recomend to purchase one of these if you are putting an LCD screen in.

Dalma Wolf
I'm sorry it didn't work. :(

I bought an LCD V3 display. Unfortunately, the bracket did not help with the installation, although I tried to do everything as described. The screen was not in the middle. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the shell is not original. I'm sorry it didn't work. (Nevertheless, the installation of the LCD was successful!)

Michael Agostini

Game Boy Color IPS LCD Bracket

David S.
Makes Install Easy

I bought this to go along with the FunnyPlaying shell and screen kit. Took all of the hassle out of the mod. Alignment is perfect.