Game Boy Color IPS LCD Q5 - Unbranded

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Arturo Bedolla
These are the shiznit

Install was very easy and straightforward. I had zero issues with the touch pads as long as you install them correctly on the shell. Fits nice on the ips ready shells after cutting off the pins with a flush cutter. I also replaced the capacitors and the power regulator which i would recommend to install as well if you want your gameboy color to last another 20+ plus years

Michal Milinovský
Definitely worth it!

The screen exceeded my expectations. Recommend!


Easy to install, I've never soldered before and this was a great way to start. The screen quality is fantastic, and the menu options are great.

Great IPS Mod with 1 little quirk

This mod is awesome! Bigger screen, backlight, different color palates, touch sensors, and on screen menu. Many great features, one small quirk. It seems (in my experience) that all these great features come with great power draw. I found some games taking a few tries to launch properly. I decided to turn the brightness down to the lowest setting and stopped having launch issues. I could then turn the brightness up to max without issue after a successful launch.

I was worried about using my Everdrive GB x7 with this mod, after discovering how much of a power draw the screen is — BUT to my surprise, I had no issue at all launching the everdrive. The newest version at the time of writing (x7) touts low power draw, which I have found to be accurate! So the everdrive GB x7 and this mod are a great pair!

One final recommendation: this mod pairs very well with the pre cut IPS gbc shells that handheldlegend sells. If you use a standard shell, prepare to do A LOT of trimming to make this large screen fit properly. With the precut shell, there are only 8 little plastic pins that have to be broken off and filed down a little in order to fit this screen. Definitely worth your time! (Standard shell trimming could take a couple hours for this mod if you are taking your time while precut trimming took maybe 5-10 minutes)

Fantastic install tutorial included! YouTube video placeholder
Steve R.
Great screen, poor instructions

The screen looks great! However the instructions are poor and misleading. You cannot adjust the screen brightness with Sel+A/Sel+B (my OSD is working just fine, so that's not the issue), and there's a spot on the board to hook up the battery for the OSD but no instructions on how to do so.

R. Morales
I cracked the first one.

I originally bought 2. I cracked the first one so I used my second one. The second one wasn’t mine so I had to order another one. It’s currently on the way right now, but long story short. The screen I actually put it looks super nice. Although I bought the spacers that didn’t really fit which is why I think the first one cracked. The spacers were too snug and the there was some flex on the screen. Also the double sided tape was horrible. If that even was double sided tape. If you guys are reading this, buy the screen and the lens. Don’t get the brackets as they are just a waste of money. All in all the screens are amazing and if you wire the leads from the screens board to the gameboy board you can fix the misalignment issue later.