Game Boy Color Prestige IPS Ready Shell

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Mr. Steal Yo Pokémon
A Great Fit for the Q5 Unbranded

I see what some folks were saying about the screws having loose threading in some of the screw posts. This happened with mine as well with a couple. Though they were loose they still held just fine so I'm not bothered by it. The shell was just right for the Q5 Unbranded screen. All I had to do was snip off the small pins around the interior screen area of the front shell, sand down where the pins were, and the screen was good to go! The matte black finish lent itself quite well with the red chrome buttons Handheld Legend offers.

Daniel August
WARNING does not fit Q5 V2 laminated mods

Is not designed for a drop in Q5. Will require A LOT of trimming. Ultimately ended up with messed up screen :( Please add a warning to the item description for other customers.

Thank you for the feedback. On the GBC Q5 Laminated kit product page, we have several warnings listed in regards to this issue. We will, however, update all the shell product pages as well to reflect this.

Awesome shell

Amazing look and feel. Love the prestige series.

Not without problems

Got this to make use of a Q5 OSD display kit I had lying around. Shell overall looks and feels quite nice, but has some significant issues to be aware of.

1. The Q5 lens I got to go with it is a very tight fit -- it barely went in
2. Three of the exterior screw holes stripped on the first insertion, so they now just rotate freely
3. Very tight fit on the power switch

Will stick with FunnyPlaying shells and screens in the future.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Nicholas L.
I love it — all of it, except A little gripe.

It looks great and fit everything perfectly. Only one minor gripe: the power switch is a bit too stiff and takes a lot to slide. (Maybe too much friction because of the matte finish?)

Totally Awesome Color, But Strips Easily

It got the clear red color, and wow, this shell has a totally awesome color to it! It reminds me of cinnamon! It looks really sweet on my Game boy Color. I did notice though that when I was screwing everything together two of the holes did strip rather easily even when I tightened the screws in a star pattern, and it seemed to be just a tad warped when I put everything together. You can't notice it on the finished project, though! The surface has a premium feel to it and resists scratches pretty well if you're careful within reason. I'm already getting complements on how awesome it looks! Also, for those considering buying the clear red color I did, it's not quite as bright as the picture and isn't completely transparent. It's more like the original OEM shell, being more opaque, when it comes to transparency. Keep in mind that you WILL have to break off the pegs around the screen window and file them down if you plan on installing the Q5 IPS Display, asit comes down almost to the D-Pad. YouTube video placeholder