Game Boy Color Prestige IPS Ready Shell

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Customer Reviews

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Keenan Preston
Nice looking, bad quality.

Received the white shell a while back and tried a shell swap. Wouldn’t say I’m green enough to crank down on the fastening screws, but had two holes strip first time trying to assemble. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe I’d just put a bit too much torque for what the plastic could handle. Received a replacement (great HHL customer service experience) and had the same thing happen on the same screw holes. No motherboard no buttons no screen in the shell, just front and back together, plastic couldn’t catch screws at all and they just spun.

They make pretty shells, but I’m not seeing much reason to buy this shell again.

Matthew Gear
I liked it so much, I ordered twice!

Excellent quality, though careful tightening the screws on assembly. I accidentally fastened too tightly and cracked the shell, which needed to be replaced.

Roberto Hernandez Jr

Rebuilt a GBC using this shell paired with power cleaner and a Q5 ips display

Eric Nifong
Great Shell, Great Price

Awesome precut shell, worked to perfect installing the IPS v2 LCD.

Alex B
Easy to modify and it feels sturdy.

The case feels like it’s made from quality plastic and it was really easy to trim the case for my specific screen.

Mr. Steal Yo Pokémon
A Great Fit for the Q5 Unbranded

I see what some folks were saying about the screws having loose threading in some of the screw posts. This happened with mine as well with a couple. Though they were loose they still held just fine so I'm not bothered by it. The shell was just right for the Q5 Unbranded screen. All I had to do was snip off the small pins around the interior screen area of the front shell, sand down where the pins were, and the screen was good to go! The matte black finish lent itself quite well with the red chrome buttons Handheld Legend offers.