Game Boy Color Shell

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Johnny Quijano
It is not always the same quality

I bought a white shell in May and the quality was excellent the best, left Game Boy Color. Then,I bought again the same white shell in August but the quality was bad (right shell).

Tim Sault

it’s a shell it gets the job done only complaint is it’s not a perfect fit but it’s to be expected i would recommend it

Mario Urquilla
Great fit

Great quality shell, perfect fit color is a bit off but either way is goong to house an IPS screen

Kyle Camacho
Great Experience 👍🏼

Wide selection of parts, ships quickly, and the packaging was perfect. I'll be returning.

Andrew Saenz

Game Boy Color Shell

Adamus Prime
It just wouldn't work

There was so much wrong with it sadly.
1) the little metal plate the battery contacts is fixed to is cut like a rectangle/square shape so that it has pointed corners instead of having a more oval shape so that the corners are more rounded. These points cause it to stick up the back so that the battery cover can not close well.
2) even when the battery contact plate is modified so the battery cover can fit, the battery cover is entirely too weak and doesn't stay on.
3) the holes for the motherboard battery contacts are too small so that they cannot fit through without serious risk to the motherboard and the shell.
4) there is something wrong with the fit all together that will require further research on my part to narrow down the cause. My guess at the moment is the mold for the shell has either warped, is a defect, or was poorly produced so that it cannot close properly so that it can close with the motherboard inside. When forced in the slightest and turned on to play it causes the motherboard to malfunction.

Inevitably, had to put the motherboard back into the old shell. Thankfully, The old shell goes back together flawlessly and the motherboard still works.
I hope there is something HHL is willing to do to make this right. I will certainly adjust my review and rating accordingly.

I am sorry you are disappointed with the product. We would be happy to offer a solution if you want to message us at