Game Boy Console Sleeve / Sock / Dust Cover

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Customer Reviews

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Great Sleeve for Analogue Pocket!

I took a chance on this for my Analogue Pocket specifically and am pretty happy with the product! The device slides into this sock/sleeve with very little resistance and is easy to remove and insert for quick storage in between play sessions. For the Pocket, the fit inside is not too snug yet not too loose. It's just enough to cradle the handheld, which I do like. A top clasp or some method of closure would have been nice but it is not a deal breaker for what you're getting here. I would recommend this for general use/protection and am glad I found this on HHL!

Dan Brakeley
Great for Analogue Pocket

I rolled the dice on this for my new Analogue Pocket, and it fits great!

Logan Dausel
Cheap and Effective

These sleeves fit all of my nintendo handhelds, all the way from my gameboy color to my DSi XL. They don't offer the protection of a hard case, but they are useful for keeping dust off consoles in storage. I probably wouldn't travel with one of these cases, though. They're great for what they are, I just wish that they had a flap to cover the top to prevent dust from getting in.

Good Sleeve

It does what it is supposed to do. I only wish there was some way to close up the opening.

Garrett Sey
Great for DMG, nothing else

This is a fantastic protective sleeve for the DMG. Everything else, shop elsewhere. GBC & GBA are way to loose of a fit for this to be practical. Have 2 now for my DMG's though and love it! Only giving 4 stars though as there's no way to 100% protect your Gameboy. Depending on how you load it, either the top or the bottom of your console will be exposed leaving it open to damage. I would happily purchase 2 more if they released one where there's a cover to pull over the open end to protect it completely.

Fits like a…glove sock thingy?

The make feels great, and protectively cushy. I think the only thing missing would be a clasp on the open end but then there’s a chance of scratching the device. It is not a snug fit like another reviewer noted but I don’t think it deserve 1 star. All in all it does the job needed, I’ve traveled with it and recommend it.